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Tale of the OrangeMicro+ and the TAM

Orange Micro + Card for the TAM
This tale starts out two days ago when my new-in-box OrangeMicro+ FireWire 1394+USB PCI board arrived. I had high hopes that this card will work with Mac OS 8.6 and higher. What I found out is a different situation. I had a partition with Mac OS 9.0 loaded and loaded the drivers from the included CD – nothing worked. Most of the drivers need to be downloaded from Orange Micro’s website! Excuse me? I load the installer application and it puts three files does nothing, and tells me I need to download the USB support from their website? Crap! Orange Micro went out of business years ago.

From that point I read in the PDF manual that Mac OS 9.1 includes all of the software. So I proceed to find my Mac OS 9 to 9.1 updater. Install and reboot. Nothing. I removed the Orange Micro drivers; nothing. At this point I realized that I have three Mac OS 9 CDs (9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.2). I proceeded to install Mac OS 9.1 on a separate partition. Rebooted and we still nothing.

I found a little patch called PCI Bridge Patch that makes the OrangeLink+ card work with the 20th Anniversary Mac (also the Power Macs 5500 and 6500). (The Mac 512 has made this patch available for download as Orange Micro won’t be able to provide it to anyone as they closed their doors.) Once this patch was installed we have success! Thank goodness. That made me think maybe the installer software will work with Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0? That message about downloading the USB drivers still makes me wonder. I cannot find my Mac OS 8.5 or 8.6 installer CDs so this will have to remain a mystery for now.

So if you pick up one of these cards just use Mac OS 9.1. Mac OS 9.1 has all of the software built in to use it. One interesting thing is I cannot use my 16GB flash drive, but my 2GB flash drive works fine. I wonder if the “4GB limit” is coming into play.

Originally posted on The Mac 512 – software link available through this link to the Orange Micro PCI Bridge Patch.

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