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OS X Mountain Lion is announced

Today Apple Inc. announced that the next Macintosh operation system will be available late Summer 2012. The official name is “OS X Mountain Lion”. No more Mac OS X, Apple is shifting away from calling the OS is just for Mac. With the ultra iPad-like functionality I can see where Apple is going on this one.



Messages is just like taking iChat and iMessage and squish them into one. The iMessage portion is like iMessage on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.x. Free messaging for anyone who is running an iOS 5.x device or any Mac running Mountain Lion. That best feature that is awesome is you can pick up any current messaging from one device to another device. So say you are working and your wife asks you to leave as you forgot the time on Valentines Day. You just stop using your Mac and start using your iPhone 4s and the conversation is still going while you are strolling out to the car. Awesome!


I use Reminders all the time on my original iPad and iPhone 4s. Sure I can open iCal and see my reminders. Here is the same look and feel on iOS and your Mac. This is a win as everyone knows that the look and feel of an application can help boost productivity if it is the same over multiple platforms.


I use Notes on my original iPad and iPhone 4s as the built-in searching makes this my favorite note taking app. iCloud syncs the notes to my iPad, iPhone, and Mail on the Mac. Mail? I never understood why Notes was incorporated with the Mail app on the Mac side. Apple answered my pleas and decided to make a separate app! I like the structure better instead of trying to look for notes inside on a separate area in Mail. Pin my notes on my desktop, that will be useful.

Notification Center

I love this feature on my iPhone 4s. I know I will love having my MacBook Pro letting me know that I have a new email (with a quick blurb of what it is about). The best thing is the native OS integration. No forgetting to open an app just to see what is going on. The “desktop swipe” on the trackpad is a great way to hide them or see all of the current notifications.

Share Sheets

Each application will be able to have a Share button where you can add a bookmark, add to a reading list, email, iMessage, or even Twitter. Convenient!

Game Center

The best feature is being able to play a game on your Mac head to head on someone on an iOS device!

Airplay Mirroring

I use this all the time on my iPhone 4S. Being able to just share your screen to an Apple TV connected to your 1080p TV is great! Now when I need to play a game from my couch I don’t have to look t the screen on my Mac. I can use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard on a lap tray. Cool! One of the longest games I have been playing is for Windows called Ultima Online. Being able to have that running in Parallels up on my 1080P 46″ TV will be epic!


I give Apple credit for introducing this feature. We all know that Macs can run malware if they were compiled for the Mac OS and distributed. Why run a separate resource consuming Antivirus app when you can tell your Mac to just don’t run any apps you don’t want to. All you need is to identify the developers that you want to run their apps. Think whitelist. All apps from the Mac App Store are included.This is the best in piece of mind approach to me.

If a rogue app gets installed by accident (like a trojan horse who said it was one thing and it is not) it won’t even run. You download a rogue app of Adobe Reader. You identified Adobe as a “identified developer”. You run the “fake Adobe Reader” app and it won’t run and it won’t run your day. Simple and elegent.


Everything is integrated with iCloud so data moves from your Mac to your iPad to your iPhone instantly, or back. This is definitely magic!


I really cannot wait. I urge you to do to and watch the video. You can even download Messages (beta) now and use it on Mac OS X Lion.

Once I am able to actually use OS X Mountain Lion I will see if how I perceive how the OS works is correct. I guess using Macs since the mid 1980′s has given me some insight on how Apple’s user interface guidelines work. :)



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