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Macintosh XL

Macintosh XL

The Mac in sheeps clothing!
I am looking for an internal hard drive or a Parallel cable for a Profile Drive.

A Lisa by all definitions, it came with a program called Mac Works. Mac Works changed the Lisa 2/10 into a big Macintosh 512K with 1MB of RAM. Mac Works Plus was released to support the Macintosh Plus 128K ROMs. An optional upgrade kit provides Mac-like square pixels supporting 608 x 431.

The Macintosh XL was created by Apple to have a "new" model to ship after the Mac 512K. This tactic was used to reduce the number of Lisas, the Lisa was selling below what Apple forecasts.

The Macintosh Office allows Lisas to be networked with the other Macintoshes. This was an advantage, as the business arena was a major area Apple wanted.

Mac XL

Apple's recommended System Software version: System 3.2 / Finder 5.3 (System Software 1.1)

For AppleShare use: The MacintoshXL cannot be used as an AppleShare file server or a workstation on an AppleShare network. AppleShare workstation software version 1.1 does not support the Macintosh XL. Any specialized software enabling file server access is severly limited and unavailable (I don't even have a name, just heresay). You can print to the LaserWriter through the Mac XL LAppleTalk kit.

For telecommunications use: Can use 9600 baud modem or lower, anything higher may cause problems. Cannot be used on the Internet using MacWorks, unless you expanded the Mac XL with a memory expansion to 4MB from Sum Remarketing.

Hard Drive use: Cannot use the Apple's HD20 or any other Macintosh hard drive. Uses a special Profile or internal hard drive with custom connectors.

Apple official specs


  • Introduced: 1/1/85
  • Discontinued: 8/1/86
  • Floppy Size: 400K
  • Internal HD: none-10MB n/a
  • Upgrade From: Lisa 2/10
  • Upgrade To: none
  • Form Factor: Lisa
  • Weight: 48 lbs.

Logic Board

  • Main Processor: 5 MHz 68000
  • PMMU: none
  • FPU: none
  • Data Path: 5 MHz 16-bit
  • Secondary Processor: none
  • Slots: 3 Lisa slots
  • MIPS Rating: .4


  • Memory on Logic Board: none
  • RAM Range: 0.5MB to 2MB
  • RAM Slots: 2 Lisa cards
  • RAM Type: ns 512K SIMMs in groups of 1


  • Built-in Display: 12" monochrome CRT
  • VRAM Configuration: built-in CRT
  • VRAM Speed: n/a
  • VRAM Expansion: built in
  • Color Bit Depth by Screen Resolution:
  • 640x480: 1-bit
    (1-bit = Black & White, 2-bit = 4 colors, 4-bit = 16 colors, 8-bit = 256 colors, 16-bit = thousands, 24-bit = millions)
  • The maximum color depth listed for 640x870 is 8-bit, reflecting the capabilities of the Apple 15 inch Portrait Display
  • Notes: Screen size is 720x364, 608x431 with Screen Kit.


  • Sound In: none
  • Sound Out: beeps only
  • Microphone Port: none


  • ADB: none
  • Video: RCA
  • Floppy: none
  • SCSI: none
  • GeoPorts:
  • Ethernet: none
  • Microphone Port Type: none
  • Ports: Printer Modem


  • Source: 1.25A 120V 50-60 Hz
  • Consumption: 150 W or 513 BTU
  • Battery Type: none


  • Addressing Modes: 24-bit
  • Original System Software: MacWorks
  • Original Enabler: none
  • ROM ID: n/a
  • ROM Version: n/a
  • ROM Size: 16K
  • AppleTalk Version: none
  • System Software Supported:

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