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Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

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This page is my tribute to the Mac I like the best. This site is known as the Official support for the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and will help you get the most out of yours.

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh represents what is the best about collecting and using old Macintosh computers. Style and function in a usable platform. Granted the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was not the speediest fellow out there, in fact it was slow like a laptop of the time. The unique style of the original Macintosh released in 1984 was alive in the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. That is why collectors are wanting this Macintosh. and keeping the TAM alive.

As a proud owner of a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, I feel that the extension of The Mac 512 to incorporate this Macintosh into the “Classic” fray. When you look at the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh you see the little Mac 128K grown up (with the screen at the top and the disk drive at the bottom (aka CD Drive and the floppy drive on the right hand side). The Mac 128K has grown up all the way into the iMac (and faster too). Yet this fun multimedia TAM shows us form and function in a classic design. Fun Fact: The code name for the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is Spartacus.

Excellent sound file of the Startup Chime.

If you cannot get your TAM to start up three things you can try:
- Disconnect the battery and let the TAM sit around for 6 -12 hours.
- Press the black button next to the L2 Cache and Memory slots (backside)
- Replace the battery with a Rayovac Alkaline 4.5v Model #870 or 871 (or equivalent).

Brief history of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

Introduced in May 1997 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Apple. This Macintosh was an expression of the designers to be a unique descendent of the conceptual prototypes called designer Macs. Apple borrowed technology from their PowerBook and PowerMac lines to create something new and fresh. The motherboard is from the Alchemy design but boasts differences from the PowerMac line: 2MB of VRAM (instead of 1MB), and a 50Mhz processor bus (instead of a 40Mhz bus). These speed differences help the TAM speed across the finish line compared to other Alchemy PowerMacs (mainly the 6400) running at the same CPU speed. The sound system powered by Bose made this the best Macintosh to listen audio from. The stand that supports the weight of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is very sturdy and was made in a specialized high-tech metal fabrication plant.

Originally priced around $9,000 ($7,499 to some sources) the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was Apple’s most expensive Macintosh since the Mac IIfx. Only 10,000-12,000 were built. A personal concierge service would deliver your Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, set up and install software plus show you how to use it. Due to a lack of demand the concierge service was discontinued and the price fell to $1,995. A fire sale erupted at popular Mac sales shops like MacConnection and MacWarehouse. I remember seeing those advertisements. This is one of the most popular collectible Macs around yet.

Apple said it best, “The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh represents a unique celebration of Apple's twentieth birthday commemorating 20 years of engineering for excellence as well as ease of use. It's a very special, limited-edition Macintosh system that offers a glimpse of the future, while paying tribute to the triumphs of past Apple efforts.

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