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How to move to your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus #iphone #apple

Hooray! You have a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and need a guide to quickly get your current iPhone content into it. Here you go!

1) Remove anything you don’t need on your current iPhone.

  • Pictures (or backup to iPhoto or your Window Photos directory)
  • Music, Music Videos, iBooks, or Movies – have a few albums you don’t want to listed, use iTunes to not sync them.
  • Applications – Use iTunes to not sync them anymore.

The more clutter you clean up now the faster your transfer time will be to your backup and to your new iPhone.


2) Update any apps to iOS 8 compatible on your old iPhone. Many times an update is available but the app will run yet on iOS 7. Update to make sure the older version won’t cause havoc on your new iPhone – this is more of a “better safe than sorry”.


3) Backup using iTunes. I think this is the best way as you can enable toe Encrypt iPhone backup option and store all of your passwords in the backup. Then the only password you will need to remember if the one used for this backup and your iCloud password on your new iPhone.

Select your old iPhone and select “This computer” and check “Encrypt iPhone backup”.

Once I did not do this and every app I loaded (and iOS) prompted me for my password. This was very painful so save yourself by using the Encrypt option.

** If you are upgrading from a non-Apple smartphone – then use iTunes to transfer as much as your content as you can. The rest you will have to manually set up.


4 ) Plug in your new iPhone and using iTunes restore from that last backup. Proceed with the new setup on the iPhone afterwards and you should be all set.


5) Set up TouchID to get ready for ApplePay and other secure passwords.


6) Update any apps to take advantage of the new iOS features that were not updated in step 2 above under iOS 7.


8) Have fun!!




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