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My first Raspberry Pi hardware set up #raspberrypi @raspberry_pi

The keyboard and mouse use a wireless USB dongle. These are not the ones I will use for my vacation, I will purchase a smaller combined one.
The Rasphub is the main “hub” where everything gets plugged into: the pi by USB, USB Portable hard drive, USB keyboard dongle, and USB microSD card reader and adapter. The Raspberry Pi gets it’s power from the RaspHub through USB power. Why I choose the RaspHub was it’s powerful power supply that can power everything up, and it is a cute little raspberry.
What I learned is there is no BIOS. New user struggles. If you power the Raspberry Pi up with no microSD card inserted with a valid OS. Nothing will display on the screen. Once you fulfill that necessary requirement a color palette will display and the OS will boot.
Getting used to Linux is nothing new as I have used Unix in the past (25 years ago) and Mac OS X Unix very sparsely. I am not an expert but I can get by. I thought I will use Raspbian’s File Manger to copy files from the microSD card to the hard drive but the only drive it shows is the boot microSD card. I have to mount the drives first. There is no GUI bard way to acomplish this. Terminal time!
Going through this exercise is a reason why many people won’t flock to Linux, it rely too much on the command line to do simple tasks. Now that I said that I also looked at Puppy Linux and that version does have a mount/unmount utility. So the distro of Linux you choose may not be feature rich through the GUI. That is too bad.
Next I will get the 2.8″ TFT LCD screen plugged in and working. The manufacturers Adafruit are not finished with their Raspberry Pi 2 compatibility code changes. From what I read that LCD only supports Raspbian distro (it comes with the kernel changes prebuilt) so I will use that once it is available.
Onward to learning more about this $45/$35 little computer.

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