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Now that I have my Apple Watch Sport (Space Grey) on order, I would like to dress it up a bit with a nice band. When I go out on a date at a nice restaurant, a sport band is out of place. I need a nice leather or metal band.

From talking with an Apple Store sales associate the metal link bands are made out of 100 pieces. 100 pieces! Wow. That surprised me. The process takes 9 hours to cut one link band. 9 Hours! Wow. That surprised me again.

With the Space Black link band from the Apple Watch line not being able to be ordered unless you order the whole $1099 Space Black Apple Watch. What can you do? Off to Bing-ing the internet! (Yes, I actually said that.)

What I ended up doing was to go to Kickstarter and backing “The Click – the first watch band adapter for Apple Watch”. I was an early adopter and for $25 (with shipping) so I will get a space grey aluminum adapter with the space grey link band they have available. This will look nice and the cost savings is tremendous.

They have leather and stainless steel link bands available.

Would I buy a stainless steel Apple Watch in the future? Yes. After seeing them they are very nice looking but for now the Apple Watch Sport is a good entry into this new world.

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