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Apple Watch Sport – First day #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch

Apple Watch Sport Space Grey

The first day was getting used to how to operate it. I think it is very simple and there is a new world of scrolling with the crown, force touching, and swiping. Once you get used to it how the Apple Watch works, it is second nature. Just like learning how to use your first iPhone.
I was promised to get my Apple Watch Sport Space Grey 42″ (yea, the most popular one) on May 13th. I ordered it on April 10th at 12:02am. I was not real happy that I could not get it right away but after reading the reports of this Space Grey model sold out immediately I was ok. I received it on May 7th! ¬†Thank you Apple for the early free next day air shipping!
The watch is comfortable with the black rubber strap snugly to my wrist. Usually bands like the stainless steel or leather slid around a bit on my wrist and I need top “shake then” to re-position that watch. This is the main reason I stopped wearing watches a few years ago. All of the re-positioning.
I will test a few stainless steel (space grey and space black) bands and leather bands with the necessary The Click! 22mm watch band adapter when I receive it next month or so. Stay tuned!
Set Up

The setup was real easy, just point my iPhone to the watch when prompted and bam! Instant connection. I prefer not having to pay an additional fee to use my Apple Watch so the relationship you need between the iPhone and the Apple Watch is necessary to me. If the Apple Watch had it’s own cell chip for making calls and view data on it’s own would require you to have an additional cell charge (or the only cell charge).
The first thing I did with the Apple Watch app on my iPhone was to turn off all of the notifications I don’t need to know about. The only time now when my Apple Watch notifies me is for: Meetings, turn by turn directions (when using the Map app for directions), iMessages, and when to stand up. This is by MY design and I thank Apple for this layer of customization.
Apple Pay

AWESOME! Once you add your card to the Apple Watch app on my iPhone, it was: Order my food. Double click on the lower button, hold watch right next to the credit card swiper on the restaurant counter, wait for the tap on my wrist and a beep. It took less time to perform the payment than it took me to write this. Best time saver ever. The restaurant cashier told me, “Way cool! Is that the Apple Watch? ¬†Amazing! This is the first time I saw one of those.” Samsung and Google time to copy this!



Real easy, just put the charger cord in the power plug and plug it into the wall. Then put the magnetic charger on the back of the Watch. I preordered a watch stand that will embed the charger. That will make charging even easier. I will get this in June.
I will be traveling with the Apple Watch Sport soon and I will keep you posted.

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