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Apple Watch Sport – Second day #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch

I am going to just jump into what I did today. But I will tell you I am now referring to my Apple Watch as THE WATCH. This is the one watch to rule tham all. Sorry Omega, your watch that I own is now sleeping in my drawer from now on.
Siri and Reminders

Used my voice to add reminders. Saying “Hey Siri”, following by “Remind me to pack my Apple Watch charger when I get home” prompts Siri to Open the reminders app, create a new reminder, put the text in there, attach the location of my home, and save it. Within seconds. This is a great time saver and I can do it faster than I can type it.


Holy moley! Open the Maps app, use Force Touch to bring up the Search option, and tell The Watch with my voice where I want to go. Then tap Start and I am on my way. What I like the most is I will be tapped on my wrist and a sound will play to let me know to turn. I just glance at The Watch to see which way to go. Simple. The time savings is tremendous.


I am usually not too concern with my health. When I received my iPhone 6 Plus I started to use the Health app and thought that was something I need to start to focus on. The useful information really helped me hone in what I need to do more of – Activity. ┬áThe Activity and Workout apps on The Watch really have helped me stand more and get moving more.


When I take my Apple Watch off to show others I need to put in a passcode. This makes sure that if I take it off and someone steals it I don’t have to worry my personal data is going to be lifted.


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