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Apple Watch Sport – Third day #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch #delta

My third day with the Apple Watch was a busy one. I was traveling so I will talk about my experience with the Delta app.

Normally, when I arrive in the airport I am already checked in through the iPhone’s Delta app. Today was no different. I proceeded to the TSA security and gave them my Passport and scanned my iPhone with my ticket information. TSA needed to verify my ticket information on my iPhone to make sure it matched my Passport. Then onward to the scanner. I put my iPhone and Apple Watch into my carry on bag and scanned it like normal.  No issues doing it this way. Plus it is harder to lift a bag than a watch.

What changed with my Apple Watch is no longer did I need to have my iPhone out while boarding the plane. I had my iPhone 6 Plus stored safely in my carry on bag. I just approached the scanner, brought the Watch and wrist up, swiped up to get to my notifications, tapped on the Delta notification, then swiped down to get to the QR code.

Turned my wrist down and scanned the QR Code and was on my way into the plane. This took maybe 2 seconds total.

The information on the Delta App boarding ticket is the same as the information on the iPhone Delta app.

All of the attendants “guarding” the scanner thought that was cool and quick. One even said they will have to get an Apple Watch to speed up their travels.

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