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Apple Watch Sport – Fourth day #AWS #apple #applewatch #spg #starwood @spg @starwoodbuzz #iwatch

Travel, travel, travel. I love travelling. Discovering new places or just re-visiting old stomping grounds is something I really like to do with my spare time.

So on this adventure I was over in Seattle, WA and decided to stay at one of my favorite hotel brands, W Hotels. W is a trendy luxury hotel chain owned by Starwood. They have a redemption program that lets you earn points by staying at their hotels.iPhone SPG Keyless Directions

So if you have a SPG account you can pre-register for SPG Keyless on your iPhone. It will generate your keys for your stay and let you populate that reservation in your Passbook.

You will be notified when you arrive at the hotel that check in is available, you just follow instructions on the iPhone SPG app and suddenly you have a room number. Just venture up to your room and your Apple Watch will display a message telling you that you can “tap to unlock the door”. You can also do this with your iPhone too.

Apple Watch W Seattle

Just hold up your Apple Watch, iPhone, or “traditional plastic card” key to the door and before you know it – green lights blink on the door and it unlocks. ULTRA COOL!

Apple Watch SPG Keyless

If you every forget your room number you can also show that on your Apple Watch by going into the SPG Glance.

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