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iPad Pro will be awesome #ipad #ipadpro #apple #newton

It is no secret that since the iPad Pro was announced a few weeks ago that interest is growing.

With the 12.9″ screen we will have the large tablet that we have been waiting for.  I love the size of the original iPad at 9.7″ and have been using it until I needed to upgrade to the iPad Mini with it’s 7.9″ display.  I miss the larger display.

Apple Pencil may be the stylus to end all styluses for the iPad. Unfortunately it works only with the iPad Pro. But a new iPad Air next year will definately support it and maybe even the iPad Mini.

I am conitnung my Apple Newton replacement and the iPad Pro may be it if it had software apps that can do the unique tasks the Apple Newton did.  We will see.

The search I started in April 2010 with the original iPad continues to make the iPad platform the Apple Newton replacement.

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