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iPhone X is not for me

have been watiting for the official release of the Tenth Anniversary iPhone for a long time. I had many things that I would like to see and boy did Apple disappoint.

This is not the first time Apple had decided to do something I did not like. Most of the time I shrug it off and wait for the next big thing. This time I cannot. I have decided what works for me and what I want is important. Even if Apple does not see it.


First reason – the screen notch.

Yeech. In a 5.8″ display? No thanks. I had hoped for a larger screen than my iPhone 7 Plus at 5.5″. 5.8′? That is not acceptable. Keep the phone the same size and fill it in with a 6’3″ screen like the Note8.

The Notch is just something that should not have been. It is dumb on the Essential Android phone and dumb on the iPhone X.

iPhone X Notch

It is cool to have images flow behind the screen? I like the large rectangle screen. Now instead of a 5.8″ screen you have a 5.5″ screen with two .3″ sections that is basically unusable. Yes, I said it – unusable. I the official Apple fix for web sites we need to put in a new meta tag just for the iPhone X to display them properly without clipping?  No thanks.


Second reason – Newton!

Do I like a stylus – Yes, I do.  One of the greatest Apple inventions was the Apple Newton MessagePad. It was fantastic. Pen input in ink that can be stored yet searchable. Plus the capability of ink to text at any time later? Why Apple? Why did you kill this technology from 1993 that was lightyears ahead of anyone else? Microsoft and Samsung has been catching up in the past 5 years with their OneNote and Note smartphones.


I have decided to declare that 2017 is the year that:

Apple Newton = Samsung Galaxy Note8!



It is true.

After years of using the horrible black eraser style and the flat clear disc stylus styles. Nothing beats the SPen and Note8 combination.

I tried as much as I could by using a combination of hardware and apps and kyboard add ons (and spending up to $200 dollars) I could get a somewhat close version on any of my iPhones.  The Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro comes close but still lacks a clear vision of integration.


By using Samsung Experience you get a iOS type of interface and free apps. The Samsung keybaord has the ability to allow immediate handwriting to text conversion.

Samsung Notes makes it possible to create any notes with ink.

Microaoft’s OneNote can convert ink to text later (on the Windows version but the iOS and Android versions makes the ink saved so it can be done on Wiindows). Both iOS and Android have this limitation thanks to Microsoft.


In the end for now, until Apple gets it’s act together and makes a integrated OS level stylus. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the current successor of the Apple Newton.

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