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iPhone X made compromises due to the top notch and screen corner rounding

Today we get to see what bad design is all about. Unfortunately, it is with the iPhone X.

Our friends at was able to review the iPhone X for 24 hours and they brought up something that I was wondering since the iPhone X announcement. When you play a video does it interfere with the top notch like the initial presentation showed?

From this screen grab from’s video no the top notch and the screen rounding does not interfere.  What we have is letterboxing instead.  Yeech.

iPhone X Video with black bars on the sides

iPhone X Video with black bars on the sides

After moving to a high definition 1080p TV screen, I got tired of watching 480p old movies and shows with the letterboxing.  That is what we now have with video content with the iPhone X. Every video looks smaller and scrumched just to avoid of missing video due to the top notch and the corner screen rounding.

I guess you have to do what you have to do. Take the lesser of two evils.  Sad that Apple choose this approach in the end. I don’t feel like and think this is what I want when I watch video on my phone. I like to see everything like in the theater. All vide0 details in the widescreen format. Too many compromises Apple has asked of us this time around. I had to move away.

This is what I like and the Samsung Galaxy Note8 delivers – a nice widescreen at 6.3″ with no compromises.  Both the iPhone X and Note8 screens are made from Samsung so you know they both are good. Apple used to deliver this with the iPhone 6/7/8 Plus at 5.5″ of goodness. The iPhone 8 Plus does not equal a better phone than the iPhone X either.

Galaxy Note 8 screen with widescreen video

Galaxy Note 8 screen with widescreen video

You have two years to make it right Apple as that is when my two years of paying off my unlocked Note8 will be complete and I will be looking for another smartphone then.








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