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iTunes gift cards for Black Friday goodness

Yesterday, I took advantage of a sale that netted me 30% off any two iTunes gift cards. All of my music is in iTunes either by ripping my physical CD’s or buying digital content.

Wait?  Didn’t you buy a Galaxy Note8?  Yes, I did and all of my iTunes content works with little fuss. I also bought an iPhone X which is now my daily driver. The Note 8 is really just a foreign language translator with the Spen and the translate Air command the Note 8 is really just a weak iPhone clone that did not do it right.

A long time ago Apple made iTunes Plus and iTunes Match which made all of my music DRM-free and 256 kbps.  Plus I have had Macs since 1984 and iPads since 2010. I have been living the iPad Life baby!

Anything that still has DRM (movies, music videos, etc) I convert so I can use them on other devices.

So even though I have added a Note8, it is still part of my larger Apple iTunes eco-system. Even though the Note 8 has massive letterboxing while watching video and playing mobile games.





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