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Introducing my iPhone X – Apple won

Where do I start.  I tried an iPhone X to make sure that that I was thinking was true.  It wasn’t.

The iPhone X is the perfect phone! For me after all.

After learning more about the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Note8. I learned that: A) the note taking was very good, but not all that much better than the iPhone with a good stylus. B) Android OS really sucks. I could just use it like an iPhone but the micromanagement of battery life was horrible. C) The Samsung apps are a close clone of the iOS apps from Apple.  Still not better, almost as good as.

In the end, I am glad to be putting  the Samsung Galaxy Note8 as a secondary device.  BUT there is ONE thing that worked. The on the fly translation works great. You hover the text and it translate a sentence at a time (or word). This is something Apple needs to copy from Samsung.  The rest of the whole 2.5 month experience was not good.

In Short: Android is NOT as good as Apple iOS. Samsung is NOT as good as Apple. My Samsung TV still has those 5 vertical lines mocking me every time I watch TV.

Here is my 2 original Apple iPhones (one running iOS 3.x – right;  iOS 1.1.2 – middle) and my iPhone X.   Once you experience the iPhone X nothing else is as good.

My iPhoneX 2017 and iPhone 2007

My iPhoneX 2017 and iPhone 2007



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