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Apple Watch

Apple Watch sells out in 2 hours

Love it or hate it but the Apple Watch has sold out their initial inventory with more coming rapidly. I know you already heard that. My Apple Watch Sport Space Grey ($399) has a arrival date of 4-6 weeks (Late May) and I ordered it within the firest 2 minutes (2:02a – 2:03a).


Now orders still are coming in and expected wait times (as of 12:30p CST) is now June for the majority of the watches.

I will bet all of the Google-sheep and Microsheep are cringing that this is a larger success than Android Wear and Micosoft Band,

I have even read news articles saying “no one is buyin the Apple Watch because there are no long lines in front of the store.” ┬áReally? ┬áThose are only for appointments not actual sales since the Apple Watch is in a PRE-ORDER state.

Apple is one of the last great American companies that we should all support.

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