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South Park Phone Destroyer review – ALL BAD with CHEATERS RUNNING RAMPANT

I have been playing South Park Phone Destroyer and here is my screen shot of being destroyed by another player who throws in 8 guys and a few lighting bolts in within the first 17 seconds. The other player is using some hacks and cheats to so this.  With only 10 energy points to start with and it slowly fills more as you play – He had played 32 points of energy within the first 17 seconds! Where I played only 9 points and only got back 3 energy points more.
I researched this and found that this has been going on since the game’s release weeks ago really means I am gave this game 1 star. Obviously the game developer does not want this as they say “report him” with no in app way to report another player (that I have found). This report button should be on the PVP screen and if done right after a match, the game developer’s servers would know who that person was to prevent report grieving.
This game will get NO money for their DLC from me. At first I thought this was just a Pay to Win game with all of the stuff they push you to buy with real game money. Now it is a scamming game with cheaters running rampant!
South Park Phone destroyer scam

South Park Phone destroyer scam

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