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iPad Pro IS awesome #ipad #ipadpto #apple #newton

The iPad Pro was unleashed to the world today. It is beautiful!

I picked mine up from Best Buy locally. No hassle with thier order online and pick it up the same day.   
The Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard are very popular that they are back orders at least a month. Other retailers have to clue when they will get them. I will review when I get them. 

I ended up ordering from Apple the Smart front cover and back cover in graphite. That will be here this Friday. Only Apple has these in stock. 

Unknown to many I did buy a Surface Pro 3 in September – October 2015 and returned it. The stylus was not bad and it reminded me of the stylus of yesteryear. Nothing special but it got the job done. The Surface Pro 3 was a test to see how it worked. simply games killed it. Mobile games are good, but real PC games were slow and the unit wanted to die from heat and would throttle almost immediately. 

What good is a Tablet that runs a “real desktop OS” if you cannot play full blown PC games on it. Even the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book suffer from this with thier crappy Intel graphics/1gb mobile NVidia card. Garbage!

Mobile games have thier place and the iPad Pro makes them look awesome. The visuals and sound are amazing. 

The sound on the iPad Pro is amazing! I played a few music videos and they looked as good as they sounded. 

All of the iOS 9 enhancements work fast and great. Side by side apps, video in a window, etc. 

The speed of the iPad Pro is fast!  It feels faster that the iPad Air 2. 

The screen is gorgeous. Lots of pixels to make photos and movies stand out. 

I have the 53 pencil stylus and it works marvelous with the iPad Pro. The writing in OneNote is smooth and look sharp. 

With the enhancements with OneNote it is the next version of the Apple Newton. I have been looking for a replacement for my Newton Message Pad 2100. With the ink conversion to text later (win desktop version only), shape recognition (iOS), ink (iOS), and searching within ink are things I missed. I have lobbied Apple to add those to the original iPad but that went on deaf ears. 

Overall the iPad Pro should be on everyone’s list. It is that good!

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Click the first Apple Watch adapter arrived. #applewatch #apple #iwatch

I am impressed with SevenSixteen and their product. The Space Grey aluminum adapter  42mm matches very well. The stainless steel Space Grey link bracelet matches very well and fits perfectly.   

The quality is there. My adapters fit snug so I don’t have a fear of them disconnecting and there goes my Apple Watch. They just work. 

The stitched leather band is nice and of excellent quality. Overall well done!

Well done Click team!

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iPad Pro will be awesome #ipad #ipadpro #apple #newton

It is no secret that since the iPad Pro was announced a few weeks ago that interest is growing.

With the 12.9″ screen we will have the large tablet that we have been waiting for.  I love the size of the original iPad at 9.7″ and have been using it until I needed to upgrade to the iPad Mini with it’s 7.9″ display.  I miss the larger display.

Apple Pencil may be the stylus to end all styluses for the iPad. Unfortunately it works only with the iPad Pro. But a new iPad Air next year will definately support it and maybe even the iPad Mini.

I am conitnung my Apple Newton replacement and the iPad Pro may be it if it had software apps that can do the unique tasks the Apple Newton did.  We will see.

The search I started in April 2010 with the original iPad continues to make the iPad platform the Apple Newton replacement.

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The Bard’s Tale IV owners do the right thing. Kudos to inXile

Show is over folks. InXile Entertainment took matters in their own hands.

May the Bard’s Tale Kickstarter continue to be successful!

The moral of the story is respect. InXile has done that and more.

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