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Welcome to iPad Life.

Celebrating iPad, iPhone, and iPad mini

Established March 15, 2010
This is The Mac 512's full coverage mini site of everything iPad. Come back often as The Mac 512 embraces the new world where the iPad is quickly becoming everyone's favorite tablet PC.
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iPad Life (\ ˈī pad līf \): Celebrating the wonders of life with a magical computing tablet in a stylish manner. No boundaries can withhold the person living the iPad Life. © The Mac 512
"Living the iPad Life is like life itself. Full of wonder, amazement, adventure, and discovery." by G.Younk - Founder of iPad Life and The Mac 512.
While you are living the iPad Life (yes, The Mac 512 is the first web site to coin this phrase on March 15, 2010) is an exciting time to celebrate the wonders of computing in a stylish manner.

Starting with the iPad can become an important decision that any gadget geek can make. Investing into the vision of Apple with their tablet can be an expensive expenditure.

The Mac 512 has been waiting for an Apple-based Newton MessagePad replacement for many years. While the iPad is not exactly the same, we feel the iPad is as close as you can get while also adding in new capabilities that were not technically possible in the Newton's era. Once again software applications will be the key to the success of one of Apple's products (just like the original Macintosh).

Come back often to view new commentary, viewpoints, and tips on how you can get the most out of your iPad.
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