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Uses of the iPad
Know someone who have no idea what they could use the iPad for? Here is the definitive list.
  1. eBook Reader - iBooks, Kindle App, Nook App
  2. Picture slideshow viewer - iPhoto app
  3. Contact management - Contacts app
  4. Personal organizer - Calendar app
  5. Watch movies or music videos
  6. Kitchen recipe organizer (think Epicurious)
  7. Music Jukebox
  8. iPod music player
  9. City tour guide (3rd party apps from App Store)
  10. Video game player
  11. Run your country like Norway did during the Volcanic Ash (from Mashable)
  12. Wedding dress previewer - watch videos of wedding dresses (from Reuters)
  13. Lightweight presentation computer with VGA out, composite video out or component video out adapters.
  14. Interactive restaurant menus - Global Mundo Tapas in Sydney, Australia (from Reuters)
  15. DJ turntable with apps like LoopTastic HD and Groovemaker House (from Huffington Post)
  16. Remote control a Windows session with Citrix (needs a Citrix server to connect to)
  17. Remote control any Windows or Macintosh - Remoter: Remote Control (VNC), Mocha VNC
  18. Student's assistant for carrying books, powerpoint presentations, and notes for class
  19. Learning or playing the Piano
  20. Phone with Skype (charges may apply)
  21. Bathroom newspaper reader
  22. In flight entertainment system - Qantas Airways (from Reuters)
  23. Sketch book
  24. Mind mapping tool - iThoughts HD
  25. Word Processor - Pages, Documents to Go Pro - Premium Edition
  26. Spreadsheet - Numbers, Documents to Go Pro - Premium Edition
  27. Presentation Graphics - Keynote, Documents to Go Pro - Premium Edition
  28. TV replacement - ABC Player
  29. Task management - Task Pro, Todo Queue
  30. GPS - seperate GPS application or the included manual limited Maps app
  31. Exteneded 2nd display monitor for Mac or Windows - AirDisplay
  32. Photo previews - use the Camera Connector kit, upload and preview photos where you take them. You will know with the large iPad screen which photos to keep and which to retake before you leave.
  33. Streaming Radio - Pandora, Spark Radio and WunderRadio
  34. Google RSS reader - Reeder app
  35. Home Automation controller - Creston Moble Pro G
  36. Comic Reader
  37. Check the weather forecast - The Weather Channel Max
  38. Pray or read Christian scripture - iBreviary (from App Store)
  39. Connect to your work's Microsoft Exchange server for business email, calendar, and contacts.
  40. VPN connectivity with Cisco IPSec and SSL/TLS networking. (built-in in the settings app)
  41. Track weather baloons over a GPS signal - from Washington Post
  42. Start to create a paperless office - from Washington Post
  43. Control your GM car - from iPodNN
Joe from Las Vegas
I will be using my iPad as an eReader and a guide to my hometown, Las Vegas. When friends from college come to Vegas for a relaxing trip, the iPad will be our personal guide to the sights and sounds of the city.

Mary from Miami
Photos is great and the slideshow is the best way I can show my friends my travels. The screen is stunning with the vibrant colors. The built-in slideshow lets me use the iPad as a personal trip guide to anyone who wants to see Maui, Cancun, or Miami. Importing pictures is easy with iTunes.
Sarah from New York
What I like about the iPad is how I can use the default applications (Notes, Contacts, Calendar) as my personal digital assistant. Gone is the paper calendar and address books from my purse. This all in one device will help organize my life in both work and home.

Pete from Malibu
The iPad lets me explore new ways of increasing my productivity. Many applications are available in the App Store to let me organize my sales contacts with a tickler system. Using the iPhone apps I already have downloaded helps me keep my iPad app purchase costs down. The iPad apps I buy gives me new functionality where I need it most. Many of my iPhone applications I bought already have free versions to include the iPad features on my iPad.
Feel the book come to life as you flick the pages. With full color this makes reading other eReaders seem like old technology.

iPad iBooks- image copyright Apple Inc.

Checking your calendar as never seem this personal. Except when you used to use a paper calendar. Search and tap your appointments. Fun making appointments again.

iPad Calendar - image copyright Apple Inc.

Reading the newspaper on Sunday while sipping your latte never seemed more personal. Knowing at the flick of a finger you can zoom in and play HTML5 videos to see what is going on. News never seemed as real until now.

iPad Web - image copyright Apple Inc.

Sharing and viewing photos never seemed so exciting before. Manipulating the photos makes you feel like a kid again.

iPad Photo - image copyright Apple Inc.

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