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iPad Life
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April 2010 - Volume 1 - Number 1 - PREMIERE ISSUE
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iPad Life April 2010 V1 N1

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iPad Life Magazine
In this issue:
  • Living the iPad Life
  • App Spotlight - Pages
  • iPad Wifi - Is it enough?
Living the iPad Life
The iPad Life? What is that the new catch phrase of The Mac 512’s iPad area? Or is it really a statement of it’s own?

Actually it is both.

iPad Life can be easily explained by “Celebrating the wonders of life with a magical computing tablet in a stylish manner. No boundaries can withhold the person living the iPad Life. © The Mac 512”. Living the iPad Life is really a statement about being free and living life the way you want to. Computing the way you want to. Carrying your computer like a book with the power of your laptop. Not accepting the norm but knowing what is best for you. Compute with your fingers. Not being held back. Explore.

Why not do all of that by using the best tablet PC since the Apple Newton? We are all about what computer holds our passion. Some of us like to use the best technology.

That is what we mean when we say live the iPad life. Free, choices, and looking good.
App Spotlight - Pages
Pages from Apple Inc. is iPad’s first major component of an office suite iWork. This brings power to iPad with page layout and full word processing.

What I like about Pages is the simplistic approach. I can call up any template and modify it to my heart’s content. I don’t have to worry about page layout. Yet, when I want to I can worry about page layout and customize the document into something more.

Pages costs $9.99 (US) from the App Store and uses the iPad’s touch interface very nicely. Getting used to the keyboard takes a little amount of time. You are not able to rest your fingers (like I do) on the home row in between typing. You need to keep your fingers elevated and that can be a challenge without practice.

Pages helps turn the iPad into a full working mobile work horse. If I need to work on a document, I sync it from my Mac, email it to myself or put it on Then when I am commuting or at a park I can continue to work on the document. Then sync, email, or “” the changes made. This makes me more productive then before. Any laptop can do this, but those can be bulky and heavy to port around.

When Pages is in landscape mode no “menu bar” is available as it is intended as a “mass typing” mode. Turn the iPad into Portrait and all of the functionality is available. Changing type styles, inserting graphics is available with a tap. Importing photos is a snap from the Photos app. Tables and charts can be quickly inserted where you need to organize or deliver statistical information.

Pages can open Pages, MS Word, and Open Office XML files; and can save to Pages, MS Word, and PDF formats.

This entire publication was created on an iPad in Pages. The design work and typing was done all on an iPad. Due to a PDF conversion issue I had to bring the Pages document into my Mac to save and print as a PDF. This is a limitation that needs to be resolved.

Pages has the power I need at an affordable price. I recommend Pages for anyone who needs to produce spectacular documents that adds impact.
iPad Wifi - Is it enough?
So, you have your iPad connected to a Wifi router at home. If you decided to drive to your friends house could you handle not being connected?

If you already have an iPhone or another smart phone you would respond “No biggie.” But, if you did not have that cell connected device would you say instead, “I need my iPad 3G!”

Apple recently has had their discussion boards flooded with people who are having less Wifi signal strength than they would like. Apple has responded that they need to change their wireless router settings or replace that router with a newer one. This is hardly a real answer when a Mac laptop can connect.

I feel that “Wifi only” is good if you have plenty of free Wifi hot spots available. I did a iPod Touch test last Labor Day in NYC and I found many free hot spots. In my smaller town maybe 10 total.

With the release of the 3G model looming later in April, we will see how many customers are wanting 3G.
See our iPad Wifi FAQ

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