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May 2010 - Volume 1 -
Number 2
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iPad Life May 2010 V1 N2

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iPad Life Magazine
In this issue:
  • Multitasking - What is available for iPad?
  • Idea Boards
  • How iPad 3G changed my life
  • Have Questions? Get Answers!
  • Penultimate
  • Links to apps in this issue >>
  • Top 6 iPad Apps for 05/14/2010

Links to apps in this issue

Multitasking for iPad


Multitasking Browser

Idea Boards


Other iPad multitasking:

  • Play music from iPod in other apps

  • Download something in the background from App Store

  • Check email in the background

Multitasking - What is available for iPad?
When you think of multitasking on your iPad, what exactly do you think of? Some day iPad will? iTunes playing in the background in Photos? Two iPads running next to each other? Seriously, today the iPad can multitask if you have the right app.

Multitasking for iPad - This app gives you three of the most used apps on any mobile device: web browsing, Twitter, and Facebook. The way Multitasking lets you accomplish this is by dividing the screen into thirds; the web browser is at the top, Twitter on the left 1/3, and Facebook on the right 1/3 of the screen. This is an unique approach to address this.
Multitasking for iPad App icon

Desktop - This app gives you the ability to run two mini-apps at once including: web browser, translator, calculator, weather, notepad, dictionary, currency converter, voice recorder, map, email composer, and others. The screen is divided in half; vertical or horizontal. This makes it easy to copy and paste between halves/windows.
Desktop for iPad App icon

Multitasking Browser - This app lets you have two web browsers up at the same time. Simple and powerful.
Multitasking Browser App icon

Now that you have the players, are these three apps really what you need? It depends, lets explore the good and the bad.

One thing all three apps web browsers supports is surfing to sites like FaceBook,, and other web sites that use cookies. This is good.
What works and what does not?

Multitasking for iPad has a web browser that will offer full browser viewing. On some web sites it works as a mobile browser. Many of the web sites I visited let me switch from the mobile version to the full version once I changed a setting or clicked a link. Full support for bookmarks and multiple web sites can be viewed in the history. Plus it offers a full screen mode.

The Facebook section is a way to quickly see most of the headlines from your friends. Some of the content was not viewable including content from mobile phones. If the message content is not viewable what mobile app that posted it is listed. Links could not be selected to visit external web sites or videos. We feel the FaceBook section is a starter edition. Maybe future elements will be added.

The Twitter section is where Multitasking for iPad really shines. From what I can tell full Twitter support is here including tweet queuing. This works out really well especially when you are not connected to Wifi or 3G. The Twitter section feels like a complete and robust edition. If you need a Twitter app this one shines.

Desktop has a full and mobile web browser included. On web sites that support mobile browsing you will get that version. You can switch to the full version of the site through a setting or a link. Full support for bookmarks and multiple web sites can be viewed in the history. Has a quick Google search and full screen mode.

There are many applets included that this utility will find it's way into many iPads as the applets are very useful. My favorites include the sound recorder and device stats. Voice Recorder lets me record any voice memo. I wish Desktop would sync voice memos back to my Mac Pro through iTunes file sharing. Device Stats shows me available memory, disk space, and a compass. More applets are being added monthly. Watch this app.

Multitasking Browser lets you open two web browsers at the same time. There is a large window and a smaller window. The windows are static but knowing what you need to view will help you put the correct site on the correct window to fit your needs. Full support for bookmarks and multiple web sites can be viewed in the history. The smaller web window converts into a side bar in portrait screen mode. Has a quick Google search and full screen mode.

These three apps tackle the problem with unique ways. Which one to choose? Just decide what tasks you need and pick the best one for you. You cannot go wrong with any of them. We like them all as they offer a way to run common multiple tasks.
Idea Boards
Idea Boards is your virtual: whiteboard, graph paper, chalkboard, and legal pad. What I like about this app is the ability to put any text, free form drawing, and shapes in your document. The power comes from combining all of these elements together.
Idea Boards App icon

We could take effective notes in a meeting or diagram a product with ease. Drawings can be saved as a picture to photos or emailed. This lets you share any document you can create with Idea Boards.

We feel the ability to only use the product in landscape mode is kind of a bummer. We think this was by design and it makes sense, as most whiteboards and chalkboards are in landscape. The ability to create multi-tabbed boards is brilliant. I can organize my thoughts on separate tabs while easily flipping through them. Changing the pen color and size works out great. Expressing in color adds a lot.

Things we would like to see. Adding in pen textures would be a plus. One thing we would like to see some way to sync boards with iTunes would be a plus.

We like this app for occasional meetings or wherever ideas flow.
Have Questions? Get iPad Answers!
If you need a quick question answered check the iPad Life HTML FAQ out over the web or download the PDF version to keep in your GoodReader app.

The URL to our Q&A/FAQ site is:
How iPad 3G changed my life
When the iPod Touch came out I was one of the original people ordering it. I saw a little bit of the Newton MessagePad 100 in it. Once I started to use it the limitations of iPod Touch OS 1.0 became real as it was almost ready to become my Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) replacement.

Enter the iPad in 2010. Bingo! I finally had a mature OS that would support the PDA I wanted. My Newton MessagePad 2100 would be proud. For me, the iPad brings out the best of the iPhone with a screen that I want to use every day. Finally I have the PDA of my dreams.

So far iPad has been the organizer in my day-to-day workplace. My work life is being recorded and indexed for rapid search and retrieval. If I need to make a note on something, iPad is there.

In my personal life iPad has become the device I turn to first to check on anything on the Internet while watching TV. Playing music while typing iPad Life out in Pages limits my device consumption to one. iPad makes it easy for me to be green. The long lasting battery life is a blessing while using iPad. I can feel like I am saving the world!

My iPad is my personal life organizer. Check out how I use my iPad for work, home, school, and life at
When I first used Penultimate I was blown away by how much the app looks like a real notebook. Beautiful graphics resembling how a notepad acts like. This is the one element that makes iPad special, the detail the iPad developers put into their apps. Penultimate is no exception.
Penultimate App icon

Penultimate is a basic writing app (in it's current form). As basic as Penultimate is, this basic approach is what makes Penultimate powerful. I took notes during a meeting today and tested Penultimate out. I am pleased to say that Penultimate is my notepad of choice when I need to write out notes.

Features include multiple notebooks, drawing, erasing, and emailing notebooks. This works together to make a useful app.

No text capability mode exists, so writing is the only way. This is a good thing as it brings to the iPad a natural way of interacting.

Things I would like to see include: adding tags that the iPad spotlight search can find and maybe different colors.

Penultimate is just that, the ultimate writing tool for iPad.

Top 6 iPad Apps
as of 05/14/2010

  • ToDo for iPad

  • iBooks

  • Pages updated to v1.1!

  • Dizzypad HD

  • Motionx GPS HD

  • Jumbo Calculator

Apps are available through iTunes or the App Store on your iPad.

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