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June 2010 - Volume 1 -
Number 3
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iPad Life June 2010 V1 N3

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iPad Life Magazine
In this issue:
  • iPad 3G: Mobile Warrior
  • Siri
  • Control your Mac or Windows PCs with iPad
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  • Top 6 iPad Apps for 06/19/2010
iPad 3G: Mobile Warrior
AT&T Corporate Logo

Now that you have your iPad 3G and are going mobile with it. How do you combat the new AT&T limited data plans? iPad Life looked at this issue for our own iPad 3G. The same principles will work with any iPad WiFi only model that is tethered to a cell phone or connected to a MiFi.

Wifi Hot Spots and Security

AT&T plans have the capability to use free WiFi hot spots at many McDonalds, many airports, Starbucks, and other establishments the are participating with this service. Keep in mind security when you connect to these public WiFi hot spots. Ask the establishment what the name of their Wifi hot spot is. Or risk connecting to a 13-year old's laptop who is trying a hand at hacking. Other public Wifi hot spots run by local businesses, parks, restaurants and schools provide a great way to connect free. Being mobile is a state of mind that needs to be fulfilled. Remember that security tidbit? Be careful. iPad supports some VPN connections in the Settings app including: IPSec by Cisco, L2TP, and PPTP. Turn on SSL in Mail and use https sites in Safari.

Battery Life

Keeping your iPad's battery life while going mobile is important. Keep anything turned off when you don't need it including Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, and your display's brightness reduced. Charging your iPad 3G is as simple as plugging it into a wall or another device. Or is it? If you see the "Not Charging" message that means you need to turn off your iPad while charging because the device you have it plugged into cannot give you a strong charge. Check back after a few hours or find another device.
I have had 11 hours with my iPad 3G while doing the tips in this article while watching videos. Just remember to keep your brightness to a point where you can see the video.

Wireless Keyboards

On the go means you need to work efficiently. While typing out the iPad Life magazine on my iPad 3G I use Apple's Bluetooth Wireless keyboard. I feel the on screen keyboard is good while being on the move, literally. But when I have a chance to sit down using a wireless keyboard if really grand. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is just an inch longer and really light so it can fit in many cases next to your iPad 3G. The iPad Keyboard Dock is way too heavy for real mobile use, skip this.

Protection with a Case and Bag

I bought the Apple Case and have not regretted it yet. Being able to prop the iPad 3G up is a blessing. I am not too excited about the black rubber of the case but it is lightweight. Getting the iPad inside takes a but of maneuvering back and forth as it is real snug. Your iPad won't fall out from this one.

I decided on a messenger bag for my iPad 3G while on the road. Get one that is comfortable and padded in case the bag is set down hard or dropped. I am using the eSling from Case Logic (large one) and it large enough to carry a camera, camera connector, wireless keyboard, iPad 3G, and still more room for passports, wallets and more stuff. There are smaller ones, but I did not want to get too small of a bag and have to carry around two.

What else?

If you do go over your AT&T data plan monitor the Usage in the Setting app. I found out that once I blew through the 250MB plan (now 200MB) the only way I could continue was to connect at a McDonalds WiFi hot spot to sign up again. 1GB data plan increments is $10 which can add up.

Use your iPad 3G or iPad WiFi models and become a mobile warrior!
Siri App icon

If you need a quick way for your iPad to look up restaurants, movies, events, taxis, etc. Use Siri as your personal assistant. I love the way you can either tap or "say it" and Siri will show you what you need to know. Yes, Siri understands speech.

The other day I was on a business trip and needed to find a place for the crew for lunch. Up came Siri and in a few blocks we were eating. You can always correct or refine what you are looking for by tapping on the built-in keyboard.

If you just want to browse you can do that with a menu of many types of requests that are built as you tap on the available selections. This is great if you need to see certain events. Pop up a map with directions and distance.

This is an iPhone only app as of June 2010, but still worth it. I cannot wait for the iPad version.
Uses of the iPad
Have a friend that does not know what to use an iPad for? Send them to our list at:
Control your Mac or Windows PCs with iPad

Using your iPad as a business tool is not hard to do but finding a way while you are on the road or at home to connect to the company network may be a necessity. Or control another PC at your house from your iPad may be needed to continue the backup or restarting the Photoshop batch job. iPad Life looked at two different ways: connecting to your company's network with Citrix Receiver iPad and connecting to your home PC with Remoter: Remote Desktop (VNC).

Citrix has been a corporate mainstay for remote access for decades with their Windows-based server solution. Like it or not many people are stuck with Windows at work. I feel the ones who don't, are lucky. Citrix Receiver for iPad lets you connect to that Citrix server at work easily. Most people don't have thousands of dollars to buy a Citrix solution at home so this is for the corporations that have that installed already.
Citrix Receiver for iPad App icon

Citrix setup is easily provided you know the Internet URL of your Citrix server, authentication, and what edition you have of Ctirix server. Once that is in connecting is easy. Plus it works over 3G! I have used this is the past to keep a tabs on a PC with remotely. I connected to the Citrix server, logged into a session, and used the Citrix app of Remote Desktop Connection to control a Windows PC on the network. Mission accomplished. There is a bar at the top that lets me pop down a keyboard, press Windows key combinations, and pairing over Bluetooth to an iPhone that becomes your mouse. Or just tap on the screen to "click" the mouse. This works very good with the iPad's touch interface.

Remoter: Remote Desktop (VNC) was chosen for my home personal computer controlling needs due to the VNC protocol. My Windows and Macintosh PCs support this so I needed 1 tool for both. I am a supporter from the start and the current version (v3.8) is the best version yet.
Remoter: Remote Control (VNC) App icon

I can have multiple sessions open of different computers, full keyboard support for Windows is there, right click by tapping and holding that tap, and landscape and portrait is supported. I like that I can control quality and compression.

Either app will work with a little configuration bringing enjoyment as you amaze your friends with remote magic.

Top 6 iPad Apps
as of 06/19/2010

  • StarMap HD

  • iBooks

  • Photo Transfer App

  • Game Table

  • Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite

  • Google Earth

Apps are available through iTunes or the App Store on your iPad.

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