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August & September 2010 - Volume 1 - Number 5 & 6
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iPad Life August-September 2010 V1 N5-6

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iPad Life Magazine
In this issue:
  • Taking iPad to School
  • Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite review
  • Plunderland review
  • G-Whizz and Google app review
  • Camera for iPad vs HDCam for iPad review
  • Links to apps in this issue >>
  • Top 6 iPad Apps for 08/15/2010
DataViz's Office Suite - review
DataViz Office Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite

If you need to view, edit, or create Microsoft Office compatible documents the DataViz's Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite is just your ticket. We have been using Docs to Go for over a month now and have all good to say about it. I have iOS4 (iPhone) and iOS 3.2 (iPad) so the testing was conducted with both.
There is full compatibility with all Word formats from Office 2007/2008 and older. I checked Dataviz's website and they say it is fully compatible with Office 2010's file formats. I believe them! In my testing there was nothing I threw at Docs to Go that it could not handle.

I love the ability to open documents that are emailed to you in Mail directly in Docs to Go. What a time saver in iOS 4!

I am going to Graduate school so I wanted to see if the file format was really MS Word compatible, after my graded paper it is 100%. All of my formatting from my template (a previous Word document) remained including the hanging indent. I did not see being able to select a hanging indent from Doc to Go's menu bar, but it recognized it and kept the formatting is a great indicator that the app is compatible. I could add and change many styles and formatting so any document I created was just like my Macintosh or Windows PCs.

If you have given presentations before Docs to Go Premium edition is your ticket. Full compatibility made it easy to create and edit existing PowerPoint files. When you create a ppt file in Docs to Go Premium you have a choice of 3 templates. What if I have an existing template/slide theme from my desktop Macintosh? What happens? Everything is preserved even though the template/slide theme is not on the iPad or iPhone. Adding in test is as easy as going to the outline view. You cannot edit the text on the slide directly, but you can copy text from any slide. At first I thought this was going to be a big deal. It turned out not to be.

Excel spreadsheets are no match for Docs to Go. I tested several of my spreadsheets and there all transferred over through email, with the desktop sync app, and through iTunes file sharing without a hitch. Formulas, formatting, everything. I was impressed so much that I had to save the changes I made and view them in Office 2008 on my Macintosh. Everything was there, including the additions with full formatting preserved.
What I really like about Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite is this allows me to turn my iPad and iPhone into something more than a mobile device. My MacBook Pro was my portable device for school until iPad and Documents to Go Premium showed up. I am finding now that I can just take my iPad and know that if I need to work on a paper I can do it and not get dinged for using an application that saves "compatible" files. I now have an app that can save 100% compatible files!

Anyone in school or business will appreciate they will be able to get work completed anywhere they need to. Even on the subway or in the middle of rush hour traffic (when your car is stopped).
Support for online storage devices like iDisk, Google Docs, and Dropbox works out very well. You import your documents to the Docs to Go Premium's Local Files area. Work on them and email from the app and/or save them back to your online storage "cloud".

Overall Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite is the best out there if you need to work with MS Office documents on iPad or iPhone.

DataViz Office Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite Screen Shot
Back to school with iPad
The year 2010 is the year that iPad will start to make it big on schools cross the United States. No one can deny that the iPad has found it's niche in schools. With Microsoft Office compatible suites being available, custom websites for school's discussion forums tailored for iOS devices, visually interactive educational apps, and more business leaders using iPad. iPad is here to stay and help our future leaders get the best out of school today.

How can you use your iPad in school? The easy answer is: to take notes, take audio notes with a 3rd party app, hook to online libraries, participate in discussion forums online, and advanced mail capabilities. These all let today's students become more in tune while using a smaller lightweight device to store and quickly find information for classes. Syncing documents is very easy to/from your iPad.

Other items students will want to think about getting besides Documents to Go Premium: Office Suite includes: Camera Connection Kit to easily import photos and videos; wireless keyboard for major typing; Dock to VGA connector if you find yourself having to give a PowerPoint presentation; Desktop app for recording sound notes; online storage like iDisk to keep all of the extra documents and video files; and Opera Mini web browser for when you need a iPhone compatible web browser for discussion forums.
Once you get everything working make sure you sync with your personal computer. And routine backup any data online or on your personal computer often.

School can be crazy, we feel the iPad is a way out of this and get organized. So your year will be fun.
From the Editor
Welcome to another issue of iPad Life. We are really excited to see many of our readers and new readers enjoying our magazine. When iPad Life was created the only thought I had was "what kind of iPad magazine would I like to read?" This thought stemmed into a full magazine provided through digital means.

I thought about a native iPad app (still thinking about it), but decided on using the HTML and PDF to reach more people interested in the iPad. I did not want to limit it to reading it only on iPad. Do you like this decision? Please let me know.

We decided to add in this month apps that span to the iPhone too. Both can work together so many of our reviews will indicate if the apps is for iPad, iPhone, or iPad & iPhone. Many cool collaboration apps are continuing to be made so the possibilities are endless.

This issue is a double-issue which spans for the months of August and September. I would like the magazine to come out right before the next month so October's issue will be out late September. Instead of the current 15th of the month.

Thank you for your support!
Two apps to access Google web services
G-WhizzGoogle app

If you use Google's web services a lot, a great time saver is to use an iPad / iPhone app that brings the majority of Google's web offerings to you fingertips. Enter in G-Whizz and Google apps.

Both will let you use many of Google's web services by enabling a quick launch toolbar or menu on the screen. That is where the similarities end. Google's own app links to the Safari web browser opening a new browser window for each web service you use. When you want go from Gmail to Translate you go back to the home screen and relaunch the Google app. G-Whizz uses an inline web browser which means you remain in the G-Whizz app. So going from Gmail to Translate is as easy as choosing the button on the bottom toolbar.

Looking at the Google app closer

What we like is the ability to choose any bookmark we have in Safari instantly in case we want to go to another Google web service. So the Google app becomes a quick launcher for the first app we want to use. Beyond that, the list of Google app's is pretty good. This is a very basic web page loader app.

Google app Screen Shot

Looking at G-Whizz closer

Having the speed in switching apps within G-Whizz is the best feature. I can stay logged in to any web service and switch between them easily and quickly. Rearranging the toolbar buttons is as easy as going into settings and clicking the Edit button.

The web services list is pretty extensive of Google's offerings. Plus you get Facebook,Twitter, and MySpace added as options in their Social Apps version.

G-Whizz Screen Shot

A view of both apps

Both apps do not provide a quick into Google Docs web services. And both apps allow you to change from the mobile web version to the full web version (this is controlled by the web services itself). So it is nice that both give you the full webpage.


Both apps are good at what they do. If you need speed or access to a range of features then G-Whizz cannot be beat. If you need a basic Google web service launcher then Google's app will do, just like you placed a bookmark on your home screen. We feel that G-Whizz is currently the best way out there to get at your Google web services.
Plunderland - A pirates adventure

Plunderland is the type of game that once you try it, you are hooked. We fell in love with the simple approach of Plunderland on this side scrolling game.

Being a pirate is hard enough but what to do if you are a dead pirate? Use your ghost to get a ragtag crew and continue plundering! This story adds to the adventure and makes sense of the advanced abilities you can do when you touch and interact with the screen.

Once your crew is ready. Just cut the line and sail off. Don't worry If you don't have a lot of time, Plunderland saves after each mission keeping you ready to go on. If you need to replay part of a campaign we found that you can choose different campaigns so that speeds up access to sections.

We really like the different touch aspects of the game including define for treasure, throwing both villagers and British soldiers, and firing the cannons. Aiming the cannon is tricky at first but we mastered it within minutes. Upgrades torah ship seem balanced to me so working rewards a goal is a fun part of the game.

In short, if you want a fun game with spectacular graphics with engaging game play, then Plunderland is for you. We love it!

Plunderland Screen Shot
Adding a Camera to your iPad
Camera for iPadHDCam for iPad

What is missing from your iPad? A camera? If so, than look no further as many camera apps are available that turn your iPhone into a camera for your iPad. We took two and looked at them to see if they are really useful.

The two camera applications we are looking at: Camera for iPad and HDCam for iPad.

Both apps work the same way. Once loaded on both of your iPad and iPhone then a connection is made hooking them together. Once your devices are connected you can see what the iPhone's camera on the iPad's screen in real time. This is a cool feature that makes using both camera apps easy to place the iPhone where you need it. Then click on the "take photo" button on the iPad or iPhone. Once that is done your photo is transferred to the iPads photo roll.

One downside is both applications do not give the iPad a "native" camera for use with other apps.
Once Apple let's apps have more control maybe that could be a reality. There would need to be APIs and hooks from apps to apps to make this work. Very cool. By that time the next-gen iPad should be out and most likely will have a camera of it's own. (pure speculation)

Camera for iPad

Camera for iPad has a iPhone sized picture viewer. This keeps the same size viewing on both devices. The picture being taken has no bearing on this screen. Options include: the ability to email any picture immediately by invoking the feature, take the picture, then email it off. Can connect over Wifi and Bluetooth. Can remember which device you were connected to last for an "auto connect". Has a Mirror flip mode and pretty good help. An extra option gives you the ability to turn the iPad screen into a "flash".

Holding both the iPad and iPhone together to use the "flash" feature takes some practice. These options make Camera and iPad pretty powerful.

Camera for iPad

HDCam for iPad

HDCam has a regular take picture button and a HD take picture button. When I pressed each button to take a photo the result was the same size in MB and pixel resolution (1936x2592). I checked the file sizes after importing the pictures into iPhoto.

One thing I really like about HDCam was the photo preview button inside of the app. This way I did not need to exit the app to see the photos that were transferred.

HDCam for iPad had to ask me which iPhone to connect to each time I launched the program. It only connected over Bluetooth on my devices.

HDCam for iPad Screen Shot

Which way?

If you need more control then Camera for iPad is a good fit. If you just want a simple camera snapping app then HDCam for iPad can fit the bill. Both are excellent choices.

Top 6 iPad Apps
as of 08/15/10

N. O. V. A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD

PAC-MAN Lite for iPad

Madden NFL 11

Slate Magazine

AirAttack HD

Fotopedia Heritage

Apps are available through iTunes or the App Store on your iPad.

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