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iPad Life
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October 2010 - Volume 1 - Number 7
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iPad Life August-September 2010 V1 N5-6

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iPad Life Magazine
In this issue:
  • The future of gaming on iPad
  • Chopper 2 - Review
  • Epic Citadel Demo
  • Top 6 iPad Apps for 09/30/2010
The future of gaming on iPad
In the past few months, gaming has become really important on all of the iOS devices. First the classic iPod attracted game developers to produce normal "mobile" type of games. These were on all of the mobile phones. Then the iPod Touch/iPhone SDK allowed games that were more in line with the computer gaming generation with many touch only games. Now we see the next evolution where games have crossed over to the gaming console type of games with the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch platforms.

Today gaming can use touch screens in place of a traditional controller, sometimes good and sometimes bad. One of the good touch controller schemes also use the accelerometer for direction. Without physical feedback, moving a virtual joystick often brings the gamer into disaster when the finger moves off the center of the virtual joystick. So tilting the whole controller is best. One example of this is Chopper 2.

Outstanding graphics in Epic Citadel will further iPad development by using the Unreal Tournament engine. Immersing the player with realistic graphics is awesome.

Game Center brings multiplayer support to many games. Now you can compete with your friends on leader boards and the system will auto-match.

These enhancements are making Apple's iOS devices THE premier mobile gaming platform.
From the Editor
Halloween is almost upon us which made me think of the tablet market as a whole. What is scary is how almost every personal computer maker or mobile maker thinks they can just make any tablet and expects it to be successful. Why is the iPad successful? My belief is due to the flexibility that Apple put in it. No preconceived thoughts on how their customers will use iPad.

Apple let their customers and developers decide where to take iPad. That journey has been exciting and unsure at times. From educational apps with full interactivity, to handwriting recognition apps, to 3D games, to iPad magazines in PDF, EPUB, or a native app, to Microsoft Office compatible apps, to remote control apps, and more.

The sky is the limit. Open up to where iPad can take you.

Chopper 2 review
When I first learned about Chopper 2, the first thing that interested me was not the stunning graphics. It was not the storyline. It was the ability to use your iPad as the screen while your iPhone or iPod Touch was the tilting game controller.

Most of us has an iPhone around with us so why not use it as a game controller for our iPad? This must of been the question the developers of Chopper 2 said one day. The best thing? It works! Over Bluetooth, the controls are responsive. Just like any Playstation 3, Xbox 360. or the Wii wireless controller. Wireless controllers work while not limiting the player in any way.

The gameplay is fun and engaging. Missions let you get civilians who need to be transported while enemies need to be taken out. From tanks to mobile rocket launchers, the all need some attitude adjustment, your chopper is there to carry it out.

Each level/area is beautifully contracted with 3 separate tasks that need to be carried out. The graphics are awesome. The details of the game immerse the player.

Chopper 2 Screen Shot
Epic Citadel - Demo
When I first saw Epic Citadel on the last iOS announcement, I was blown away. The detail of the graphics is something that I needed to look at closer. Wow!

The touch interface does really Work with this demo. From looking at how the combat works is impressive. As soon as Epic Games releases the full game we will all be able to experience on our iPad's, iPhones and iPod Touches.

Epic Citadel is a great example of the quality of iOS games that will be coming out. If you have not seem the demo, download it and see what it is all about.

Epic Citadel DemoScreen Shot

Top 6 iPad Apps
as of 09/30/2010

1. Pages

2. ScoreCenter XL

3. Friendly - Facebook Browser

4. NinJump - HD

5. Angry Birds HD

6. iBooks

Apps are available through iTunes or the App Store on your iPad.

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