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  • iPad battery information FAQ
    To make sure your iPad battery lasts a long time consider:
    - Keep iPad out of the sun or a hot car (including the trunk). Heat will degrade your battery's life.
    - iPad is designed to work in between 32 degrees to 95 degrees F. (Or 0 degrees to 35 degrees C.)
    - Go through 1 full charge cycle per month (100% charge to 0% percent)

    Optimizing your iPad settings will extend the amount of time between battery charges:
    - Adjust brightness to a lower setting
    - Applications that prevent the screen to dim will drain your battery faster
    - Turn off Wi-fi when not using it
    - Turn off 3G when not using it
    - Use Airplane mode (this will turn off both Wi-fi and 3G).
    - Disable location services when not needed in settings.
    - Turn off Push Notifications.
    - Poll for new data less frequently (like Mail)
    - Check only the email accounts you need


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