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Living the iPad Life
Living the iPad Life
Getting up every morning and pour over your stocks in the most intimate way, with touch.

Checking your email just became more personal. You leap off the sofa to show your spouse all the photos of your friends trip to Hawaii. She is amazed at the beauty of the pictures on the 9.7" screen. With a flick of her finger the images move like she was flicking paper photos.

The iPad Life is a state of mind and a state of style with functionality. iPad brings both of these to your everyday life. Why settle with a unsecured, virus prone, malware attracting Windows Tablet PC or Windows Netbook? Why risk your personal data and your identity?

So live it up like you mean it! Life live the iPad Life way...

August 8, 2010 - Portable Game Machine

iPad has become my choice of a personal gaming machine. Racing games are pure bliss on the iPad. Strategy turn-based games are heaven. Even the new released Plunderland game (now works on iPad) is wonderful on the iPad. Not every game will become a hit on iPad, but many are. I have replaced my other portable game machines largely because of my iPad and iPhone 4. The quality of games coming out are excellent. If a game publisher wants to make money on a mobile platform, I feel the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch platforms is where they should concentrate.

July 25, 2010 - Normal day at the office

By using the build in apps, Calendar, Contacts, Spotlight Search, Mail, and Notepad. I have created a streamlined Get It Done system where anything is searchable quickly and easy to get to. Now that I am more organized than ever I have found more time at work to get the more important projects completed before they are due.

The secret is the Spotlight Search. Anything I need to find is already indexed and waiting for me to discover it when I need it. I wish other 3rd party applications could use this too. I could find the name of the application and launch it, but not see what data it contains inside.

June 26, 2010 - iPad at Starbucks

I was meeting a business associate at Starbucks today to go over a few details on a chocolate business I am interested in. At the next table was two guys who were discussing something I did not catch. What I did catch was one of them was trying to take notes on his Blackberry. The keyboard and screen was small and the gentlemen was having a hard time keeping up with his friend. The gentleman taking notes kept saying to his friend, "slow down I need to catch up".

My trusty iPad was there where I was quickly writing notes and taking audio notes with . This tool I am trying out to see how well it works for note taking. The gentleman with the Blackberry say how effortless my iPad was and started a conversation with me asking me various questions. I showed him what I was doing and I think he was immediately hooked. My demo of 5 minutes really changed the way he was thinking about what an iPad could be used for. He thanked me as he left and said he will look at one at Best Buy more indepth.

June 11, 2010 - iPad saves the day

Tonight I needed to work running automated tests. So I signed onto an extra Windows PC at work, loaded all of what I needed to test so it was ready to go, and locked the screen. I brought my laptop home and connecting to my work VPN. Then is when my troubles began. It took a bit for my work laptop to connect to my router. Then it took a bit to connect to the VPN. Then it took a bit of work to get the remote desktop to connect then suddenly, BAM. Nothing was connecting. My session on the extra Windows PC at work was still active but I could not connect to it anymore. Instead of rebooting like I have done many times before I....

Switched on my iPad and was launching Citrix Receiver within seconds of bringing the iPad awake from sleep. Tapped where I wanted to go, enter my password, and I was connecting to the Windows Remote PC at work within 10 more seconds. Citrix takes care of the VPN for me. I signed onto the Windows Remote PC in 10 more seconds and I was working in under a minute. Man I love iPad and the capabilities. I set iPad down after starting my script to continue to run. iPad is sitting there showing me screen updates while the Windows Remote PC is working. Without this I would be spending more time trying to get that work laptop connected. What is funny is I started to have connection problems after a VPN update 2 months ago. When my tests are complete iPad will be there waiting for me to interact with the on screen keyboard and tapping for the mouse control. Sweet!

June 8, 2010 - A personal digital assistant

The other day a few friends and I were hanging out. We decided to go get something to eat. As we were in a different town we were not sure where the closest restaurants were and what type of food they served. I opened up my iPad and used the Siri app. By talking with my voice I managed to tell Siri that we needed a restaurant and Siri provided a list of restaurants. Talking is much easier than typing so soon we were using the Maps app to drive to the restaurant provided by Siri.

After dinner some of us decided to watch a movie at the local theater. Siri was there to show us not only where the theatre was, but hooked into Fandango and let us buy tickets before we got at the theatre.

Without Siri I would of been doing a lot of web surfing and wasting time.

June 3, 2010 - Organizing my life.

I use the built in apps mainly to keep my notes, calendar, and contacts. I like to search anything up in the Spotlight search function that is built in to iPad. I can easily find anything in an instant which saves me time.

The built-in apps are not the only apps I use to organize my life. Other apps include PenUltimate - for when I need to jot down a quick note, record voice messages in Desktop, and organize my thought balloons in Idea Boards. These apps were reviewed in the
May 2010 issue of iPad Life. All are good apps but they have settled down in how I am using them.

Can one application rule them all? I have not seen this magical app yet. As you organize your life on an digital device, you realize "if I need to look up something quickly how can I do that?" The answer on iPad is Spotlight, the built in search utility. To get this utility up just swipe to the right from the main "app launcher". Type in a word or phrase and any apps that support this search technology will appear with relevant results.

Third party apps really need to use this search feature more. Even though I like a few third party apps which I use, but they can easily be replaced when a similar app with Spotlight search functionality.

May 30, 2010 - My iPad connects me to the world

Keeping up with the latest trends is easy with a device that is connected 24x7 to the Internet like the iPad 3G. Other smart phones have this capability but what to do if you don't have a smartphone? My cell phone has nationwide at an extremely low price. This works for me.

I use my iPad 3G a lot for email, research on the web, and seeing what is new in the world. The other week I was riding during a long trip and keeping up on everything was easier. While sitting in a car the iPad's form factor was a delight to hold on to while alternating it each other arm. If I had a laptop being used in the same manner that would of been torture.

May 17, 2010 - Living the iPad Life

Today I am starting with telling all of iPad Life's readers how I am using the iPad in everyday life. Since I received my iPad, this device has been by my side.

This past weekend we were selling handmade jewelry at a local fair. Normally credit card purchases had a sign and wait approach. We would manually capture the credit card information with buyers contact information on a credit card carbonless form. Now we can use that form just for a card imprint with signature and use the iPad 3G as a virtual terminal with PayPal.

Within a few minutes of using PayPal as our payment processor, we have immediate verification that the card and the customer are legit. Without my iPad 3G we would have to enter this information later on my MacBook Pro and hope no fraud may occur.
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