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Macintosh 512K Upgrade

Macintosh 512K Upgrade

Upgrade your Macintosh with 512K of memory!

Not very flashy, you brought your Macintosh to your Apple dealer and they replaced your logic board. No case changes.


Magazines in early 1985 were criticizing Apple for the $995 price and for not releasing the 512K version first. At this point in time, Apple was paying $30 for each 256K memory chip, which was used instead of the 64K memory chips($3). Thus costing Apple $480 for just the 16 256K memory chips.

There were other upgrades available by other manufacturers:

  • Replace the memory chips in the Mac 128K with the memory chips in the Mac 512K.
  • Add in an add-on card giving your Mac 128K 512K (or more) of memory.

The ROM in the Macintosh 128K and the Macintosh 512K were the same, 64K. The ROM in the Macintosh 512Ke and the Macintosh Plus were the same, 128K. All of these ROMS can address up to 4MB of memory.

If you upgraded your Macintosh 128K to 512K of RAM around 9/10/84, you received a free copy of MacDraw and MacProject (a $250 value)! The funny thing is, MacDraw was not shipped until the end of year.


Another upgrade was the Mac 512Ke upgrade. This gave you 512K of memory, and an 800K disk drive. If you have a Mac 512K this was not the upgrade you would purchase. The Mac Plus upgrade gave you more!

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