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Setting up the AirPort Software Base Station
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Setting up the AirPort Software Base Station

The Software Base Station lets your Macintosh (with it loaded) to route all Internet packets to other Macs connected to it by the AirPort protocol! It will also route packets to any Ethernet connected Macintosh or IBM PC. So if you have a Macintosh laying around and want to save $300.00 (instead of purchasing the AirPort Base Station hardware device), just load this software and keep your Macintosh on.

  • Load the AirPort 1.2 Update (Reboot the Macintosh if necessary).
  • Open the AirPort Application AirPort icon
  • Turn AirPort On.
  • Click on the Software Base Station Button on the main screen
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Click the Start button (it now reads Stop in the example below)
    AirPort Setup screen
  • That's It!

*** One consideration - Make sure you setup the Access Control Tab. Place the AirPort IDs of your Macs in there. If nothing is listed then all Macs with AirPort capability can connect to your Mac running the AirPort Software Base Station and use your Internet for free!
AirPort Setup screen
(The AirPort ID is blank above for security purposes.)

*** Another consideration - Click on the Network tab and click on "Also provide IP addresses on Ethernet" checkbox. This will allow any Ethernet based Macs to connect as well and surf the Internet. Plus any non-Mac computer with TCP/IP can also use this. I have personally hooked up IBM PC clones as well as the Unix based NeXTstation Color from NeXT Inc!

Network Experience: gYounk is a Network+ Certified Professional (2002 edition which covers AppleTalk and wireless), Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows NT Server 4.0 (1999) & Windows 2000 Server (2001), and a Certified NetWare Administrator (1996) - using a Macintosh & PC mixed network since 1986, at work and at home.

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