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Setting up the AirPort Base Station

Setting up the AirPort Base Station

The Base Station lets your Macintosh to route all Internet packets to other Macs connected to it by the AirPort protocol! It will also route packets to any Ethernet connected Macintosh or IBM PC.

AirPort Base Station

Tip: When using Mac OS X as a client it likes your Mac OS 9 Software Base Station to use verison 2.02 or higher.

  • Load the AirPort 1.2 Update (Reboot the Macintosh if necessary).
  • Open the AirPort Setup Assistant Application
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Select "Set up an AirPort Base Station
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Tell the setup assistant if you have an Internet connection already setup on this Mac.
    AirPort Setup screen
    Click on the Yes button - otherwise clicking No will load the Internet Setup Assistant
  • The picture below shows an existing network name, if this is the first time - it will connect to the Base Station automatically.
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Setup the Internet Access portion
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Click on Show Details- Enter the Internet logon name, password, and phone number.
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Enter the Network name and password - this is the name other Macs will see.
    - Leave the password blank if you are setting up any IBM PC to connect.
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Enter the Base Station password to prevent anyone to make changes - you can leave this blank.
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Click "Go Ahead" and prepare for your new AirPort network!
    AirPort Setup screen
  • Connect any wires to the Base Station (in back)
    AirPort Base Station back
    (from left) Phone jack, Power cable, Ethernet jack.

Any Macintosh clients can load the AirPort Setup Assistant and select "Set up your computer to join an existing wireless network".

Network Experience: gYounk is a Network+ Certified Professional (2002 edition which covers AppleTalk and wireless), Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows NT Server 4.0 (1999) & Windows 2000 Server (2001), and a Certified NetWare Administrator (1996) - using a Macintosh & PC mixed network since 1986, at work and at home.

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