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Hooking up your iMac to a 2 device network
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Hooking up your Mac to a 2 device network

Lets build a simple 2 device network
Using a Hub connector	        Using a crossover cable
• More flexible to add on later	          • Cheaper
We will need:
	• 2 Macs (I will use the term Macs whenever I mean Mac or iMac)
	• 1 Ethernet hub with two cables 
	• 1 crossover cable (special pinned cable)
This will accomplish:
	• Allow all Macs to share files using a peer-to-peer network software.
	• If you will be using a crossover cable; my advice is to spend a bit more and
		use the hub. They are easier to add on to in the future.
	• If you want to share files:
		• One of the Macs needs to be a Mac II or higher with an Ethernet card,  running System 7.0 or higher.
How to do it:
1.)	Take the Ethernet cables  and plug them into each Mac's Ethernet port.
2.)	Connect the Ethernet cables into the Ethernet Hub.
		• Each hub  will create a star pattern, use regular RJ-45 Category 5 cables.
3.)	Load the networking software on each Mac, the iMac already has it loaded.
Crossover Cable
1.)	Plug the Ethernet crossover cable into each Macs Ethernet port.
	• To add a serial printer (a printer with no AppleTalk capability) is easy.
		1.) Attach the printer to 1 of the Mac's Modem port, or the iMacs USB port.
		2.) Set up the appropriate software to share the printer on the network.
			See your printer manual or contact the manufacturer.

Network Experience: gYounk is a Network+ Certified Professional (2002 edition which covers AppleTalk and wireless), Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows NT Server 4.0 (1999) & Windows 2000 Server (2001), and a Certified NetWare Administrator (1996) - using a Macintosh & PC mixed network since 1986, at work and at home.

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