Lets build a simple 2 device LocalTalk network

You can network any Macintosh that has a Printer port (aka LocalTalk port). The Mac 512Ke & Plus are used as an example.


Using an LocalTalk connector Using a printer cable

• More flexible to add on later • Cheaper

We will need:

• 2 Macs

• 2 LocalTalk connectors with 1 phone wire
(Note: Apple's brand name AppleTalk connectors are self-terminating. There were part of the AppleTalk Personal Network)


• 1 Printer cable (standard printer/modem cable)

This will accomplish:

• Allow all Macs to share files using a peer-to-peer network software.


• If you will be using a printer cable with any 512K or 512Ke; my advice is to spend a bit more and use the LocalTalk connectors. They are easier to find and to add on to in the future.

• If you want to share files:

• One of the Macs needs to be a Mac Plus or higher running System 7.0 or higher.

• One of the Macs needs to run an very old version of AppleShare file serving software.

- Or a current Macintosh needs to run a current version of AppleShare.

How to do it:


1.) Take the LocalTalk connectors and plug them into each Mac's printer port

* The Mac 512K and 512Ke take a DB-9 connector, all other Macs use a Mini-Din 8 connector. The Mac 128K cannot be networked.

2.) Connect the LocalTalk connectors with phone wire.

• Each connector will daisy-chain to the next connector.

• Terminate each end of the network. They will have a switch or a phone plug type of terminator.

(In the example above, the red line on the Mac Plus' LocalTalk connector and on the

Mac 512K's LocalTalk connector are the terminators.)

* Do not make a loop, this will cause interference.

3.) Load the networking software on each Mac

A Mac 512K and a Mac Plus connected:

Printer Cable

1.) Plug printer cable into each Mac's printer port.

* The Mac 512K and 512Ke take a DB-9 connector, all other Macs use a Mini-Din 8 connector. The Mac 128K cannot be networked.

2.) Load the networking software on each Mac.

Two different LcoalTalk (PhoneNet) connectors:

Top- Plugs into a DB-9 printer port

Uses the phone plug as the terminator

Bottom- Plugs into a Mini-Din 8 printer port

Uses the switch on the side as the terminator

Plus it has two red LEDs which blink as data flows through it


• To add a serial printer (a printer with no AppleTalk capability) is easy.

1.) Attach the printer to 1 of the Mac's Modem port.

2.) Set up the appropriate software to share the printer on the network.

See your printer manual or contact the manufacturer.

** Don't forget - The total length of the PhoneNET wires is

Daisy chained - 1,800 feet / 550 meters with 24 Macs.

BackBone - 4,500 feet / 1,372 meters with any number of Macs.

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