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AppleTalk Personal Network
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AppleTalk Personal Network

The AppleTalk Personal Network is a low-cost local area network that 's as easy to set up and use as your Macintosh. AppleTalk lets everyone in your work group communicate with each other (sending documents or electronic mail at 200 times the speed of ordinary telecommunications.) With AppleTalk you can also share the cost of high-performance resources as the LaserWriter - at a fraction of the cost of other networks.

The AppleTalk System Connector kit cost $50.00 per Macintosh or LaserWriter.

The connectors are self-terminating.

Part of the Macintosh Office.

Official Apple Specs

Speed: 230 kilobits = 29K per second


More information is available at the AppleTalk-ing section.


All technical information from Macintosh 512Ke user guides.

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