When the Mac was first released, it had four applications.
MacPaint, MacWrite, MacPaint and MacWrite!

The software was not appearing as fast as the third-party developers had promised. The above joke was real.
Microsoft BASIC and Multiplan was released with bugs shortly after. Microsoft Chart and File were not released until the fall of 1984.

Microsoft's applications were first going to be released under the Apple label. Other software developers were up in arms. Apple changed the agreement with Microsoft. Microsoft had to scramble to ship their software. Microsoft felt no compulsion to push a Macintosh version of Word, this episode left them with a bitter taste. Eventually Microsoft did create Word for the Macintosh.

The main applications that were available by Apple from the 128K - 512Ke was:
Switcher Construction Kit

Apple had a Macintosh Test Drive promotion in 1984 where you could take a Macintosh home with three sample disks of software. I have been able to create documents from these disks. Take a look!

Come to the Classic Application Download Section to sample the applications you can get from a Mac user group.

More and more applications were available, many of the ones in development did eventually ship. There is a lot more software that was available at this time in the up coming months after Macintoshes release. This is a sample of what was available first and gave us an idea of computing with a graphical user interface.

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