Bridges lets you concect two different network topologies together. There are two ways to do this:

Hardware Bridge - Examples include Sonic Systems' microPrint/2i and Farallon's iPrint. This will hook up an Ethernet segment and a LocalTalk segment together. All you need is an Ethernet cable and a LocalTalk adapter & cable. No Macintosh is required.

Software Bridge - Examples include Sonic Systems' LocalBridge and the free Apple LocalTalk Bridge. Same as the hardware bridge but the Macintosh which is running the software needs to have a Ethernet card & cable and a LocalTalk adapter & cable. Originally Apple released a LaserWriter bridge, however as time passed Apple made LocalTalk Bridge available as it supports all AppleTalk devices (printers, PowerBooks, Macintoshes, Newtons, etc.). Sorry no TCP/IP.

For TCP/IP routing you can try IPNetRouter from
This routing software can route IP packets which will let your older Macs "see" the Internet. I believe they still have a free trial version on their web site.

The Powermac 6100 below is a software bridge, the MicroPrint and the Base Stations are hardware bridges.

See our AirPort section on more information on networking wirelessly!

Network Experience: gYounk is a Network+ Certified Professional (2002 edition which covers AppleTalk and wireless), Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows NT Server 4.0 (1999) & Windows 2000 Server (2001), and a Certified NetWare Administrator (1996) - using a Macintosh & PC mixed network since 1986, at work and at home.

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