Fake System 1.0 (System 3.2 / Finder 5.3)

** I now believe that the "fake" was a miscommunication; System Software 1.0 & System 1.0, the two numbering schemes.
Oh well, I do make mistakes... :)   It was fun digging up the "fake" metaphor.

What is misleading is the "fakes" are really System 3.2, the last version of the system you can run on a Mac 128K.
Plus it should of been called System Software 1.1, since that is the System Software family System file version 3.2 belongs to.
	1. The disk icons are different.
	2. The Trash Can "lines" are pointing two different ways.
	3. The "fakes" Windows have a Zoom box.
	4. The 128K/512K version would not have a Mac Plus update installer file.
	5. The LaserWriter was not released yet.
	6. The ImageWriter has a capital "W" in the "fakes", System 1.0 has a small "w".
Here is the real System 1.0 (.97) desktop:

Here is a a disk icon from System 1.0 (.97)-
Here is the version for a Mac 128K/512K:

Here is the version for a Mac 512Ke:

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