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Help me! I am looking for an old Macintosh XL(Lisa 2/10) hard drive, old manuals, older software that will run on a Mac 128K - Color Classic and old hardware upgrades. Also the Mac IIvi is also sought after.

A special thanks to -
PhoTak for the Mac SE/30! It plugged a big hole in my collection.
David for the copy of Lotus Jazz!
Craig for the Macintosh 128K, Tim for the Macintosh 128K board. These together added a great Mac to my collection.
Ken for the System .97 system which boots on my Mac 128K!
Tim L. for System 3.0 / Finder 5.1!
Allan for System 4.0!
Mike for the info & image of System .85 on the Macintosh Guided Tour disk!
Mike for the issue of MacUser from 1985!
Tim for System 6.0!
John for the Mac SE!

Please e-mail me if you can help!

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