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Apple's policy on The old Classic Mac Applications-


TITLE MacWrite, MacPaint or MacDraw: Obtaining Early Versions

Article ID:54825 - Created:2/20/92 - Modified: 4/15/98


This information was provided by Claris Corporation on 16 March 1998, and incorporated into Apple Computer's Tech Info Library.


Currently (February, 1992), Claris cannot provide replacement disks for the following early versions of MacWrite, MacPaint, or MacDraw:

MacWrite: Any version prior to 5.0.1

MacPaint: Any version prior to 2.0

MacDraw: Any version prior to 1.9.8

People who have older Macintosh computers and/or prefer not to upgrade their software can contact a local users group for replacement disks for some of these versions. To find a local user group, call Apple's User Group Connection at 800-538-9696.

Another source for older software versions is B&R Computer Services. They also buy, sell, support, and repair older Apple and Macintosh computers and software.


An example of Apple's Policy for distributing System Software is found here on Apple's FTP site.

The policy for System 6.0.8 states, "System software 6.0.8 will be made available at authorized Apple dealers along with bulletin board services and user groups licensed to distribute Apple system software."

Please don't hurt and violate this by offering these System Software images on your web site. The only outcome can be Apple deciding to eliminate older System Software from any distribution anywhere. Thank you!


2001 - Official Macintosh User Groups are not allowed to distribute older Macintosh System Software anymore. This, in a nutshell, effectively ended The Mac 512 User Group from supporting you in getting your older Macintosh running.


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