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How to use the Mac App Store
App Store
Apple recently shipped their Mac App Store in a Software Update to all Macs running Snow Leopard. Make sure you update to version 10.6.6 to add this gem to your Mac and dock.

After you launch the App Store you are presented with something that you are used to; The Apple App Store. Here you can safely shop for your favorite Mac applications (pending that you need an update or upgrade). For now apps you buy from the App Store will be considered new purchases, so if you have version 2.01 of a particular app and need that update to 2.02. Don't get it from the App Store as it will be a new purchase.

How to buy an App

1.) Find the App you want.
Here we will download Twitter.
Selecting an App
If you click on the app name, you will get more detail.
App Detail
2.) When you are ready to buy, click on the blue price/free tag under the app icon.
3.) Sign into the Mac App Store
App Store signin
4.) The price/free tag will change to installing, click on that and the app will be downloaded and installed for you.
Installing the App from the Mac App Store
The Twitter app is automatically installed in the Dock and the Applications folder for you.
App is installed in the Dock
That is it. Simple, safe, secure, and easy!
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