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Network Software download section

7/2008 Update - A source for some of the older Disk Images of System Software. Isn't it interesting that Apple prohibits anyone from distributing older System Software except for a web site hosted at (Apple's web hosting service)...
- System 2.0 / Finder 4.1 is listed with a disk image for download
- System 3.2 / Finder 5.3 is listed with a disk image for download
- System 4.1 / Finder 5.5 is listed with a disk image for download
- MacWrite 4.5is listed for download
- MacPrint 1.5 is listed for download

Gamba has provided a list of sites that let people download older Macintosh System Software at
- System/Finder = .85/1.0 (aka 128K Guided Tour), .97/1.0, MacWrite MacPaint Tour, 1.1/1.1 ( Sys SW 0.0), Sys SW 0.0 , MacProject Tour, MacWrite MacPaint Tour, 2.0/1.1 (Sys SW 0.1), 2.0/2.2 (SysSW 0.3 & 0.5), 2.1/5.0 (HD 20 Startup), 3.0/5.1 (Sys SW 0.7), 3.1/5.1, 3.1/5.2 (Sys SW 1.0), 3.1.1/5.2 (512Ke Guided Tour), 3.2/5.3 (Sys SW 1.1), HD 20 Startup, 3.3/ 5.5 (Sys SW 2.0 = Work Station Installer (AppleShare 1.1)), 4.0/5.4 (Sys SW 2.0.1), 4.1 (Mac SE Tour), 4.1/5.5 (Sys SW 2.0.1), 4.2/6.0 (Sys SW 5.0), 4.3/6.0 ( Sys SW 5.1), 6.0/6.1 (Sys SW 6.0)= (AppleShare 2.0.1: Workstation Installer, Server Installer, Administration)), 6.0.2 (Mac SE/30 Tour), 6.0.2/6.1 (AppleShare Client, AppleShare 2.0.1 installer), 6.0.3/6.1, 6.0.4/6.1.4, 6.0.5/6.1.5 (Communications Toolbox 1.0 installer), 6.0.6/6.1.6, 6.0.8, 6.0.8L (for Classic II, LC II,PowerBook 100), 7.l, 7 Pro v7.l.l , Update 3.0 (for 7.l, 7 Pro v7.l.l, 7.l.2), 7.l.2 (Quadra & PowerMac), AUX 3.0.1 & AUX 3.1 Update, 7.5, Network Access Disk 7.5, 7.5.1 Update 1.0, 7.5.2 (PCI & PB5300, 2300, 190), 7.5.3 Update 2.0 , 7.5.3 unity-CD, 7.5.5 Update, 7.6.1 Update.

Rare System enablers at
Boot disks at
Apple Manuals at (old English System Software) (old non-English System Software) (www.vieuxmac archive) <--allows you to order a disk image for $3 or $6!

What I don't understand why Apple has allowed these sites to operate when they closed ONE OF THIER OWN OFFICIAL APPLE MACINTOSH USER GROUPS down? (Which The Mac 512 was an official Apple Macintosh User Group). These websites listed above are NOT affiliated with The Mac 512, just listed as a reference. G.

The Mac 512 User Group
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Network Software Download Section
3/13/01 - Apple's Software Licensing department send us a letter which states we must stop distributing older Macintosh OS System Software. We have complied and done this.

No older Macintosh System Software is available any more from The Mac 512 or

**** 99% of the System Software available on the net for Older Macs was originally downloaded from this site! We are proud of providing the first versions to System .85, 3.1.1 & 6.0.1 to the Internet to keep your older Macs working!

Apple's Policy for distributing System Software is whomever they let distribute it. This means no individual, user group or company can without their permission. User groups used to be able to distribute System Software.

I think the number of web sites not affiliated with Apple posting older System Software prompted Apple Computer, Inc. to have this stance. They have not provided to me any details. The final outcome is Apple Computer, Inc. deciding to eliminate older System Software from any distribution anywhere.

Unfortunately you the older Mac collector has lost. Thanks to these renegade web sites!

If you are using a PC... How to make a usable disk...
If you are using a newer Macintosh... Why is Apple letting us do this...



Due to Apple Inc. back in 2001 forbiding Apple User Groups from distributing System and application software. We pulled any of the software links and left what was available as a text only source. To end theconfusion all of the text only source listing has been removed. G.

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