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Macintosh Plus Upgrade Kits

Macintosh Plus Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your Macintosh to the next big Mac!

Three Macintosh Plus Upgrade Kits enable customers to upgrade from a Macintosh 128K or a 512K to a Macintosh Plus:
• The Macintosh Plus Disk Drive Kit
• The Macintosh Plus Logic Board Kit
• The Macintosh Plus Keyboard Kit


The Macintosh Plus Disk Drive Kit

This kit includes an 800K Disk Drive, 128K ROM, and Macintosh Plus Systems Tools Disk to update existing applications to work on the Macintosh Plus. This kit exchanges the ROM chip and disk drive in the Macintosh 128K or 512K for the new 800K Disk Drive and 128K ROM.

This upgrade costs new $299


The Macintosh Plus Logic Board Kit

This kit includes the Macintosh Plus logic board with 1MB of RAM and new rear housing to accommodate the external SCSI port, and a Macintosh Plus Owner's Guide and information sheet. Also included is a Macintosh Plus Peripheral Adapter which allows connection to Macintosh peripherals such as ImageWriter and popular third-party peripherals. A Macintosh Plus Disk Drive Kit is required in order to install the Macintosh Plus Logic Board Kit.

This upgrade costs new-
o From a Macintosh 512K - $599
o From a Macintosh 128K - $799

Back of the Mac PlusHere is a picture of the rear housing.

The Macintosh Plus Keyboard Kit

This kit includes a keyboard with standard alpha layout, cursor keys, and a numeric keypad for easy data entry. It requires no dealer installation.

This upgrades costs new - $129

Mac PlusHere is the keyboard included with the Keyboard Kit.


Beige Mac Plus
This is the only thing you cannot get from the upgrade kits, the front case which says Macintosh Plus.

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