System Software Installer

This guide will help you use the Installer application to install your System Software.

Way #1

If you are installing a System Software version which has no Installer application, then just drag and drop the files on a formatted diskette or hard drive.

Way #2

Launch the Installer application by double clicking on the icon.

You may have the old style of Installer icon

Click on the Ok button to bypass the Splash Screen. (If there is one)

Click on the Install button and the Installer will choose and install a recommended basic setup.

Or clicking on the Customize button will let you pick individual or multiple items. Just hold down the shift key while clicking with the button to select multiple items. When done Click on the Install button.

The Installer will ask you to insert other disk names as needed. Each disk asked for will be read and the parts will be placed on your diskette or hard drive.

When you are done the Installer will either prompt you to insert the first disk and then you will have to Quit out of the Installer with the Quit button or the Installer will just display a Restart button for you to click on.

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