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System 1.0 / Finder 1.0 (Macintosh System Software)  
The Desktop was a simple idea. The first System Folder had only 6 files in it.

The System was only 216K, the Finder was only 46K. The ImageWriter is spelled with a small "w".
The Empty Folder allowed you to create new folders. Change the name of "Empty Folder" to
"George's Work", a new Empty Folder would appear.
Folders were really not true folders, you could not have two files with the same name. Folders were an illusion.
All of the files were on the disk level ( i.e. Mac System Software), the items in the System Folder only appeared
to be in a folder.
The Macintosh 128K showed a different font for the Desktop:
s10desk2.gif (5199 bytes)
Various Desk Accessories that shipped with this version include:

I have never seen an actual System 1.0, here is the version number of the first released System:

Its .97!!! To my knowledge, there isn't an actual System Version 1.0 available.
A separate tutorial disk had several exercises to familiarize the operator with the mouse.
Mice were not second nature in 1984.
The Mousing Around tutorial was not Finder friendly, it would crash it! The tutorial disk was bootable.


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