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System 1.1 / Finder 1.1g (Macintosh System Software)

I can not find any information on System 1.1 to see if this is an official System Software release.
Finder 1.1g was released as part of the Macintosh System Software 0.1 release.
Not much changed on the desktop:

There was a System Folder, but not the above disk.
The Fonts, Font Mover and Disk Copy were included. 
Here is a picture of an actual System Disk that was shipped with the original Macintosh:

Big changes!
	The Finder added the Mountain scene,  the About box, and the Clean Up command.
	The Finder copying speed was enhanced. By increasing the memory buffer in the Finder, fewer disk swaps occurred.
	The Finder appeared faster after quitting an application.
	The Finder introduced the Set Startup command in the Special Menu.  
		* This allowed an application to automatically startup upon startup.
Font Mover in action:

Here is the version number for the System:

Here is the Finder about box:
f11ginfo.gif (2530 bytes)
An example of an open Dialog box:

The Erase Disk command in action:

Cancel! Please!

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