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System 3.0 / Finder 5.1 (Macintosh System Software 0.7)

The Desktop:

	The Finder was faster. It even included a RAM Cache, it stores frequently used files from the disk.
	The System now had HFS (Hierarchical Filing System)  instead of MFS (Macintosh Filing System).
		You can store 800K on a double-sided. Instead of 400K on a single-sided disk.
		Double sided disks were formatted as single-sided disks under MFS.
		Folders were not really folders. You could put folders in other folders.  Your files were really
			separated. No more 1 huge list of files in the open dialog boxes.
		HFS was incorporated into the 128K ROMs in the Mac 512Ke and up. 
			The Mac 128K/512K could not use HFS with this System. Unless they had the "Hard Disk 20" file.
	Zoom boxes appeared. This was in the 128K ROMs too.
	The Imagewriter now was called ImageWriter.
	The Trash Can "lines" are pointing  the opposite way.
	The Trash Can "bulged" when something was thrown away.
	The Chooser was introduced instead of Choose Printer.
	The Control Panel changed.
	This version came with an installer.  I know, the picture above is not a picture of an official Apple System disk. :(
I don't have an actual System 3.0 disk. :( 
From my understanding, the Finder looked the same as version 3.2.
The Chooser:

* This picture is from the System 3.2 disk.  Unfortunately I don't have a copy of System 3.0.  :(
The Control Panel:

The Open/Save Dialog boxes:

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