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System 4.2 / Finder 6.0 (System Software Update 5.0)

The desktop:

	MultiFinder 1.0 debuted.  Multitasking was here!
	Improved "About the Finder", it showed the RAM usage.
	The Finder had a new progress dialog box when copying files. It also had a cancel button.
	The Finder had an improved Set Startup command.  It allowed you to run Finder or MultiFinder.
	The Color menu debuted.  Not available for the classic Macs!
	No more MiniFinder!
	Backgrounder, DA Handler, Easy Access  and Print Monitor debuted. 
	Background printing to the LaserWriter.
	A new Control Panel, you could add or delete items that appeared in it.
About the Finder:

I see that I don't have much space left!
The Control Panel:

The version of the System:

Set Startup:

Another look at the desktop:

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