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System 6.0.1 / Finder 6.1 (System Software Update 6.0)

	This fixed many bugs in System 6.0.  It also created a lot of bugs.
	The Finder version didn't change, or did it? 
I have read about Finder version 6.1.1, it was supposed to be released with System 6.0.1. On the disk that I found
System 6.0.1 on, it had a scaled down System Folder with Finder 6.1. 
System 6.0.1 was never offically released, due to the bugs it created! But it did surface on a game disk "Arkanoid".
I don't have any more information on this release. It was tough to track it down!
The desktop:
System 6.0.1 Desktop
Not the original System Folder. Too scaled down, but enough for a boot disk for a game.
About the Finder:
Finder 6.1 About the Finder
The version of the Finder:
Finder 6.1 Info
This Finder is part of the System Software Version 6.0.1. So perhaps Finder 6.1.1 is not the real name.

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