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System 6.0.2 / Finder 6.1 (System Software Update 6.0.2)

The Finder version didn't change, the desktop didn't change.
	This fixed many bugs in System 6.0 and System 6.0.1.
	The LaserWriter drivers were updated 
		- to handle 11"x17" paper (Tabloid). Too bad the Apple LaserWriters did not support this.
		- Smoothing for bitmap graphics and fonts.
		- "Unlimited Download Fonts in a Document" was added, Any number of fonts would be printed.
	PrintMonitor was enhanced - it let you choose different ways to be notified.
	HD Backup utility was included - it let you backup your hard drive.
	Responder was added, it work with an Apple product called Inter•Poll (the Network Adminitrators Utility)
		It allows the network know your workstation is out there, used to isolate faults in the network.
	While using the LaserWriter SC, ImageWriter LQ or AppleFax Modem; The Mac Plus & Mac SE cannot use stylized text.
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