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System 6.0.7 / Finder 6.1 (System Software Update 6.0.7)

The Finder version didn't change, the desktop didn't change.
	This version was updated when the Macintosh Classic, LC & IIsi was introduced.
	This version came on 800K (4) & 1.44MB (2) floppy disks.
	Apple Network Products installer disk provided Ethernet drivers, it was a seperate disk from the update.
	The Macintosh Portable has a problem with reading 800K disks & using the internal modem at the same time, this fixed it.
	The Macintosh LC & IIsi does not have a built-in FPU, beware for some applications that assume it has one.
		- The IIsi can be updated with the Nubus card adapter, whereas the LC cannot.
Hypercard 2.0 is compatible with System 6.0.7, eariler versions can crash.

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